Discord and anarchy

So anarchy takes all your stacks away if you reload prematurely but discord gives bonuses for doing just that but if. Can someone please explain how these two skills work together.
Also is this a decent build http://bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#555105150051050000000000415150151051

I’d go with this build: http://bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#555105150051055000100000410140151510

Blood soaked shields with fancy mathematics and buck up is a bit overkill. Slap a sham on your gaige and you’ll be good to go.

You can keep using discord once you have ~100 anarchy stacks and become a health regenerating pinpoint shooting female rambo. Shock storm and shock and aaagh just work too well with that playstyle.

I use it as a preventative measure; when you reload, your stacks start dropping slowly instead of plummeting to zero, then if you reload again, it stops. It’s also useful, for example, when solo’ing Pete, I’ll go in with 300-400, rip discord for the increased fire rate and health regen, drop down to 150-250 (or whatever number you want), then reload again. Great skill, especially for one point.

As for the build, I can’t say much since mine is a lot different, I’m sure someone will be able to give better advice.

Ahh ok it just slowly lowers your stacks instead of completely getting rid of them. Also I want to be able to get 400 stacks
Thanks guys

This might be relevant to your interests: 15-20 stacks on OP8? Friggin' yeah!

You’ll notice the stacks decaying slowly while the discord is in effect. Another early reload cancels discord at any time, preserving the remaining stacks. And you can still acquire anarchy stacks while discord is draining them, hence the term “discord looping”.

One potential downside is that, if you go into FFYL while discord is running, it doesn’t seem to stop. I haven’t checked if it actively continues to drain stacks while in FFYL, but it should be easy enough to test.

Discord has many uses.

It prevents accidental loss of all your stacks (while Discord is active, you lose about one stack per second) it’s a nice healing tool and it also allows you to get a temporary boost to accuracy if you ever need it. The fire rate boost is just extra.

Yes, you can even activate it while in FFYL. It still drains stacks but so does FFYL anyway. (And if you die, you lose all of them, so it’s always worth it)

Thank you all I just needed to know how discord works and now I do.

I don’t understand your query.

The game explains quite clearly how Discord works in relation to Anarchy stacks…

I simply didn’t understand it lol.
But it’s solved now.

Does that mean it extends FFYL, or simply that if you second wind you have more health than you would have done without discord? I hadn’t actually checked the numbers while in FFYL in combat (too busy trying to hit targets!), so I haven’t noticed what’s happening to my health bar, only that the discord sound and visual fx are still running.

It doesn’t extend FFYL, but it increases fire rate and accuracy, so it’s easier to get a second wind.

Ah, right! I’d forgotten about that bit…