Discord ban for no reason [Resolved]

I got banned from the offical discord, the discord.gg/borderlands one, for no reason. I have no way to contact mods and the mailbox doesn’t work for me. What do I do?

Take revenge, buy handsome jack mask and overthrow Gearbox and become their new handsome dictator!
Seriously if you got banned for no reason just make alt join back and contact them about that.

Um if you were IP banned you most definitely did something wrong. That kind punishment usually comes after a thorough investigation.

did you mention hacking/modding and or cheating?
did you harass/ abuse or offend anyone?
did you wrong think anywhere?

If the answer is no then you are probably wrong and it was definitely one of those things

I didn’t hack, don’t even know how, harassing someone on discord is pretty low, and I don’t know what wrong thinking refers to.

Even if I did do something bad and I forgot about it, it’s been what, 5-6 months now, so an appeal should be achievable.

here are the rules, maybe you did something on any of it

  1. Bigotry, harassment and spam will not be tolerated. This includes voice chat, DMs, and Modmail.**

→1.1. Includes racism, hate speech, LGBT+ discrimination, and sexism of any form. →1.2. Harassment includes, but isn’t limited to, doxxing and the disclosure of any personal information without consent of the relevant party(ies).

2. Be respectful to your fellow users. Treat others the same way you want to be treated.

→2.1. Includes, but isn’t limited to, trolling and flamebaiting being forbidden →2.2. English is the primary server language and the only one we allow to be used in our chats. →2.3. Activly ruining someone’s experience of new content or media such as through spoiling won’t be tolerated. When our spoiler policy is being enforced more rigorously, we’ll post notices in #server-news

3. NSFW or suggestive content such as media, text and discussion is not permitted. If you need to ask if something is NSFW, the answer is most likely "yes."

→3.1. Non-explicit material such as the game is allowed, unless otherwise specified by a Moderator.

4. Impersonation of Moderators, Admins, or Gearbox employees is forbidden.

→4.1. This includes copying their name and profile picture to appear as them. →4.2.This includes acting like you are a server or Gearbox staff member.

5. Group, Power-level and Trading requests go to the LFG and Trading channels only! See #find-groups-and-trade for more information.

6. No advertising or soliciting of any kind, such as posting Discord invites and charging real money for services.

7. Listen to Moderators and Admins and heed their warnings immediately.

→7.1. Respect the decisions made by Moderators and do not argue with them in public channels. If you need clarification on a rule or have problems with a decision made by the Moderator Team, or a Moderator in particular, please message @Mod Mail(edited)

[ 21:33 ]

→7.2. Creating an account to circumvent an action taken against you (mute or ban) will result in a ban.

8. Do not encourage other users to break server rules or Discord TOS.

9. Your name, profile picture and status must follow the rules listed above, notably rule 1 and 3. If they don’t follow the rules you will be asked to change them accordingly, or otherwise have them changed by a Moderator.

→9.1. Your name must be pingable through the chat search function which means your name has to include letters of the latin alphabet. →9.2. Your name must not contain any form of combined characters, also known as “zalgo text.”


Yeah sadly being human and agreeing but not exactly in the same way is now considered wrong thought so much for the American ideals of freedom

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I can assure you, I did nothing of the sort, I was incredibly inactive on the server, I just want to get this appealed.

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Your best bet is to contact one of the moderators privately about this.

I don’t know any of the mods usernames, how would I go about contacting them?

Didn’t know who he was until recently so we can cross that off

yeah again you would be shocked what “bad” can be classed as say I say something like well you made the mistake of trusting Joe blow cod modern warfare any one that I have been banned for but calling the developers of Apple gate as an example incompetent got no reprocutions at all and that was on this forum lol

or misgendering fl4k/ :wink:


The unthinkable

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I know the mods are real quick to censor anything they don’t like . I had a jerk start insulting me and I fought back they censored me but not the other guy which tells me they take care of their friends .

Bet you censor this because you get hurt feelings and just because you can .

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I personally am not involved in the Discord in any way - never even used it. However, I would suggest using the method suggested in the Forum rules here:

(Substitute ‘Discord’ for ‘Forum’ in the subject line obviously).

For other participants in this thread: let’s not get into massive speculation here, please. If you have first-hand knowledge of the situation, it would be better to use PMs here - thanks.

lol see I said nothing abusive or discriminating or harmful and I got flagged for wrong thought lol

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If you want to know why a post was flagged and the flag upheld, PM A MODERATOR.

Closing the thread since apparently this isn’t going to go any place constructive.

Edit to add: OP has since requested the thread be closed as the issue is resolved.