Discord server creation

hey guys, i just created a discord server for us. we can talk there even if ur a pc player or console.

its a platform where we can talk and write and all for free. would be great if we get some ppl in the server

Looks like I have some competition. :open_mouth:

Nah. It’s cool. People can join either one. Or both.

why? did u already create one? ^^

oh i see, ok deleting mine and joining urs ^^

Yes, I did. I mentioned it in this thread. It’s slipped down the page a little as new posts are made. Lots of new info so I’m not surprised.

There is also the general gearbox one for all gearbox games and fans

over 450 members right now and growing, also partnered so we have the best VIP servers discord has to offer

Yep. I’ve already sent a few people your way. :slight_smile: