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A general thread for topics that don’t require their own post including:

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  • Testing and results of new discoveries.
  • Asking others if they’re interested in your idea for a new post.
  • General questions and discussion about Moze.

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Table of Contents for New Topics and Questions in the Comments:

In Reverse Chronological Order

  1. 25% OGT anointment is v2 damage multiplier, effects IB now

  1. Discussion about explosions might need to be in FOV to proc MoD

  1. Discussion about Spring Epicenter vs CMT

  1. Iron Bear grenade anointment doesn’t heal IB with Vampyr, but exploding barrels do
  • Link to outside thread here

  1. Topped off bug is still prevalent as of Valentines Patch

  1. Alien Barrel Pistols can’t spawn better rarity than blue

  1. Kings/Queens Call ricochets are splash damage
  • Rowans Call as well

  1. AR bonus stats on gear do not benefit Daaka Bear
  • Because Dakka completes AR challanges

  1. Amp shield and Torgue sticky testing (with One-Shotter shield)

  1. Spring Epicenter effectiveness with Vampyr explanation

  1. Splatter Gun artifact synergy with Torgue stickies

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Okey i have two, i know for sure one of them its not common knowledge yet.

If you watch the video will be a better explanation that what im about to write (its just 1 minute long).
it seems like the SHOTGUN STICKIES benefit from the bonus from the SPLATTER GUN relic (50% shotgun damage while sliding), this is extremely useful in the Case of the REDLINE with SOME FOR THE ROAD or the similar anointment, since you can “REDLINE” the enemy to death and start sliding without worrying about aiming at the same time to get the bonus.

its more a general interaction and not Moze specifical but i guess she and Zane can make the most out of it.

if someone can break the math on how this fits into the Moze damage formula, please that would be really helpful.


And this one, i think a lot of people know about it but i hope it can help new Moze players that dont know about it.

Video Length: 22 seconds

Basically its just the interaction between spring epicenter orbs and vampyr, the spring epicenter is a bouncy grenade and on each of those bounces it spawns 14 orbs, each of those orbs counts a a neew grenade. Now if you can throw the grenade directly to an enemy, those 14 orbs will its them all at once, allowing you to refill either shield/health bars with 1 grenade ( depending if youre using bloodletter or not).


Perfect start for the thread.

I’m not sure if the splatter gun damage is in the same category as the while sliding anointment. I know the anointment isn’t the same as general gun damage, I’d be interested to know about this as well.

@Prismatic have you categorized Splatter Gun in any of your damage formula threads?

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It stacks with the other weapon type boosts. So if we’re going by [Guide] Borderlands 3 Damage Formulas, it’s v2.


Oooh that’s actually good news.

This could be a great way to boost redline/other stickies damage with blast master.

Do they fit “when shot” or “when exploded” in regards to click click? ( i can’t test right now)

Torgue stickies are entirely when exploded, I’m pretty sure they’re entirely new bullets.


What’s this? The stickies not giving click click bonus because they explode after reload and the mag is now full (or switching to a weapon with full mag)?

So the splatter gun + redline + SftR + one shotter shield is gross

edit - nevermind, interaction debunked with amp shields

So how does it works? Does every sticky get the 100% damage bonus if your shield is full when they explode? Or just the first sticky?

Hold on.

Getting different results now.

Edit: this is going to take longer than I thought. I went and found a single sticky launcher.

Alright, so I have no idea. Someone more versed on amp damage and stickies might be able to tell us.

All sticky tests with the amp shield are detonated after the shield charges and the barrel starts glowing.

No damage boosting skills, just guardian rank.

Shield used

Gun used

Single sticky - no amp

Single sticky - with amp

2 stickies - no amp

2 stickies - with amp
So evidently the 2nd sticky I shot was not during amp, so I guess sticky amps are on-shot not on-detonation. The redline was showing so many numbers it messed up my test.

2 stickies - with amp
Had to wait for the shield to recharge before firing the second sticky.

What I’m seeing here is the amp doesn’t include the sticky stacking bonus of torgue guns? I think? Because I got exactly 100% with the single sticky, but didn’t get the multi-stick bonus of the gun doubled with the x2 sticky amp shots.

Tldr: it doesn’t work so nevermind.

After reading @Prismatic’s post on damage formulas, I think I’m more confused about this.

Where do torgue stickies fit into damage pipeline? For splatter gun they are on detonation (sort of count as their own projectile). But for amp damage they count when you fire the gun, not when you detonate.

Also where does torgue bonus damage for multi-stick go in the damage formula? I thought amp damage was last and multiplied everything, but it doesn’t multiply that?

I’m…dazed and confused.
Im doing the same test but with a bangstick 362x18
GR 13,22%

Stickies + no amp shot= 433 on detonation (there’s a 867 between all the numbers but I dont know where it comes from?)

Stickies + amp shot= 720 On detonation (And again 1441 damage)

Seems like the amp shield only counts the item card damage and not the guardian rank gun damage bonus? I need to read the math post again.

You don’t have any skill points spent right?

Nope, no mod or relic either.

I’m not quite sure what that larger number is either. I ignored it, as it only came up with multi-pellet guns when I wasn’t doing more accurate tests.

It was too hard to tell if some numbers were being combined or something.

With single pellets it never pops up so it doesn’t have anything to do with the sticky bonus or (I don’t think) guardian rank. Honestly no idea I only had it pop up with the redline and there was a million numbers on the screen.

Scratch that. It does pop up with extreme amounts of single pellet stickies detonating.

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Haha yeah hard to test with the redline.

That’s probably it, two stickies combined.

Here 4734 is not amped and the 7788 is amped. Your base gun damage 3860ish, I’m guessing that your GR gun damage is added to your not amped shot but with the amped shot it’s just the double of the item card gun damage.

Edit: I deleted some stuff

The launcher I used has a multi sticky bonus of 55%.

Base damage 3054

Torgue sticky bonus (3054 x 0.55) = 1680 or damage + bonus 3054 x 1.55 = 4733.7 rounded to 4738

With amp I get (3054 x 0.55) + (3054 x amp) = 7788

So the amp damage does not multiply the torgue multi-stick bonus on the gun.

I think the formula would be something like:

(damage x amp) + (damage x torgue sticky bonus)

(3054 x 2) + (1680)

I’m going to have to do another test with splatter gun vs torgue multi-sticky bonus.

Hmmm interesting, I’m wondering if this is intended or not.
I’m gonna test a few more gun with that shield tomorrow.