Discuss: Buying items or units/structures

I’ve been curious to know how people feel about this. My play style is more supportive and initiation. As such I spend shards to level quickly and focus less on items. Most games I play I do this, and am usually level 10 with anywhere from 10-13 minutes left in the game, allowing my level 10 helix to really pressure teams. I almost NEVER have items, no matter who I am playing.

Anyway, the point is, most of my games I see enemy teams rush items, usually with a 0 cost shard generating item. Then about 7 minutes into the game, those people have their two legendary items and try to brute force win fights. Well, I laugh when I see this because it NEVER works. Sure, they’re stronger but as someone who plays Shayne & Aurox quite well, I tend to disrupt that. Why do people buy items at all? Most of my wins come against teams that have players that rush two or three legendary items, due to their lack of ability to push sentries. While I get Legendary items are strong, they are not a substitute to good team work and pushing power of an endless supply of Elite MK Bots. What are everyone else’s thoughts about this? What IS the ideal strategy? Or does it vary? I am genuinely curious but in my own experiences people that rush legendary gear hinder their teams more than help them.


It depends on what character I’m playing. If I play support, i usually run with low cost items and build a lot.
If I run a character who can AND will clear lane like orendi, then i’m leaving the buiildable to other characters who won’t be able to level up like me thanks to minions. With Orendi I’m already topping the other players levelling-wise. Yo ucould say that I could go even faster to max level with buildable, but it’s not worth the difference I’m getting in efficiency and survivability with items. Just, not worth it at all. So I’ll only buy buildables after my all loadout has been bought.

Either way, if you’re not willing to buy items with shards, then you should at least take three 0 shard cost items to help you. Not even taking that is a waste.

Fair point. I do buy items later on, once my team has established a strong lead in Sentry health and/or kills.

If I’m playing premade, I’ll run the 0 cost shard gen and buildable cost gear to do the same. Turrets and minions galore! Every time I’ve tried to do so in a pug, we get stomped so I generally just run whatever gear I feel like. It really depends on who you’re playing with

Okay so your experience is much the opposite of mine. I never play with people, usually on account of playing at different times than people i’ve added, and I generally have more favorable matches, not ALWAYS wins but about 60/40 wins and the losses are at least close. Not to say that’s 100% my doing. My teams just build up strong pushes and can take the lead because of the shard investment into buildings

I usually do what the situation dictates. If I’m playing a fleshy, non-Eldrid, my priorities are turrets, healing, items. Otherwise, if I have some sustainability, turrets, items, healing. Either way, turrets ALWAYS take precedence particularly the center turret on Overgrowth. That thing can pretty much change the tide of the battle.

i dont push gear because you cant push gear when you play competitively. i dont farm legendaries, i dont equip legendaries, etc. I have never really seen the point in learning bad habits in pubs that you cant carry over into the games that matter.

I used to play with a mix of Blues and Greens.

These days I play with a mix of Whites and Greens. Generally Whites that are free to activate with a negative skill that the character I’m playing never uses (reload speed on Thorn).

Ever since I changed over, I’ve found that I’m performing a lot better and more importantly, a lot more consistently.

The initial boost offered by White gear improves my early game.

Assuming my team mates let me collect the early shards, I often have all my items built before minute three.

At the point, I can spend the rest of the game focusing on building turrets, Super Minions, Accelerators, etc…

I rarely ever use Legandaries, unless I’m pretty certain I’m going to win anyway. I find it to be a waste of shards and play time.

I do basically the same. I concentrate on minions and buildables until I’m a couple levels over the other team.

I just get easy kills when the enemy steps out of position

I’m rarely ever under leveled now.

It should really depend on your role you choose but generally your team benefits more from bots and buildables while you gain a bit from xp as well. As I said though, its all about your role; If youre an assassin, empower yourself first as fast as possible to out-pace their assassin and/or simply increasing your presence in the match as they tend to have a less oppressing presence early on

Edit: To clarify, its a balancing act no matter what

I always play with 3 legendaries and the 2 mates i play with do the same and it works really well i think that we’ve never loosed any game when we play together like that. I nearly always have my first legendary at level 1 or 2 before 3min of game and if you choose well your legendary you can make really huge pressure with it (a perma slow early game is powerfull)

Buying turrets and bots early game isn’t worth as you can’t make enough pressure to push with your bots. Same for pushing or diving at level 1 or 2, it’s useless. Early game you main focus should be to level up and buying your stuff. when all the team have 2 or 3 legendaries after 10min it’s usually a free win for your team.

I would love to face you. Buildables > Legendaries :D. You can win all the fights you want, but if you’re stalled for long enough away from the minions they’ll do my work for me. I’ve won countless games when enemies have 10-15 legendaries total to my team’s less than 5 due to their lack of pushing power.

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I tend to run purps more than orange, but overall, I base it on pacing. When i sense a push that will reach our sentry, I get the turrets and bot up and running, and will push back my next gear slot for it. If I sense things are going well, I’ll prioritize myself over buildables. Same goes for the middle turret and enemy zone after their sentry drops. I’d rather be in a better personal fighting position if we’re doing well, than shoring up defensive positions. On the defensive, it’s better to have that strong position to negate further pushes, and give the enemy less room to manuever freely.

Better way to play tbh. I usually run health/damage items that give me more health if I stay alive for 3 minutes so I usually buy them early on.

IMO you only need to spend shards on buildables till 5. Early five is the big diference in levels for most characters.

Then it kinda just switches to kills giving the better exp. If you are behind saving for an item will probably lose you the game though.

Obviously, consider your personal circumstances carefully in terms of what gear you need to have active, but I also really don’t like the idea of building sites being left vacant. Even if it isn’t that hard for the enemy to kill your structures, they can’t just build their toys on your sites(if applicable), and there’s a brief cooldown before anything can go up on the destroyed site.

I’m sure it isn’t always essential, but I’ve been in too many matches where useful structures aren’t upgraded or built, and too many matches where invisible or very mobile characters spend their surplus shards building obnoxious structures on our side of the map. And it’s good for some easy levels, so I like to build what I can if I don’t have some more pressing goal in mind.

It’s actually quite simple why people use legendary gear and items in general.

When you are toe-to-toe with an even matched opponent you have to rely on gear to get the competitive edge over them. Majority of players will run 2 legendaries and a epic, resulting in about 4,500 shards, which is roughly the equivilant to four fully built turrets (1,200 each). Smart teams duo tier three turrets, which can make your 1,200 go down in a matter of seconds. Now let’s say you put that 1,200 into your gear instead, which 1,200 will give you a nice buff to your character (9% damage/5% speed, 10% Skill damage/5% movement speed etc) and are permanent, as opposed to turrets that can go down in seconds. People use the gear to perform their role better, which will always be better than any buildable built. And seeing as it is a team effort your solo high level’s won’t mean much if your team is down also. Plus if the whole team reaches level 10 with you then you will be at the disadvantage as they can have up to 20% increased attack damage, 20% increased attack speed, 25% increased skill damage, etc. Also every buildable you build gives exp for the opposing team if they take it down.

tl;dr people use it to perform their job better as a gear will stay on the whole game and buildable can easily be destroyed.

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Building gear first makes the most sense to me to be honest. Buildables are too temporary. Yeah, turrets are helpful, but a few shots from OM or Marquis is going to kill them, and it takes about 1200 shards to fully upgrade one if you don’t have a cheaper buildable gear piece. For that you can buy at least one piece of non-legendary gear. WITHOUT upgrading them full they’ll die fairly easily to pretty much anybody, and give them a bit of EXP to boot.

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This, all the way. Go ahead, blow your shards on that buildable. I love destroying them, and usually target those well before I even think about the sentry in incursion. Whereas I’ll just go ahead and get my legendaries that you can’t take away from me and make my game that much stronger… for, like, the whole match. I always try and imagine the other players frustration when they bump a thumper to level 3 just to have me backdoor and knock it out in 15secs.

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Their utility in the fight is a big plus, but I think most people build them, at least in Incursion, for XP. You hope the other team keeps destroying the shock turret in mid just so you can keep getting free XP.