Discuss the Vault Hunters and Lore!

I’m replaying all Borderlands games in preparation for 3 and I just finished the main campaign for TPS and want to talk about our lovely hunters and their roles in the lore of the Borderlands universe. The discussion of events is not solely restricted to BL:TPS events but I’d like to try and keep those events related directly or indirectly to the vault hunters of this game.

Considering I played through as Aurelia I want to start on her. On previous playthroughs across the years I’ve only completed the game as Nisha and Athena. Athena gave me a fresh breath of the crazy idea of who the team is composed of in TPS. So I figured our good (or kinder hearted than other) heroes were just Athena and Claptrap with Nisha, Wilhelm, “Jack,” and Aurelia as our true bad guys. My mind was changed playing as her. She started the game as a stuck up rich bitch with funny jokes about her wealth. I loved and was cool with playing as her from the get-go. Then you witness events like sacrificing Felicity where she’s upset by it and it makes you a little confused. Hammerlock made her seem evil and her comments didn’t make her sound too nice either. It continues on when Zarpedon is killed, you fight RK-5, and on the order to kill the surrendered Lost Legion soldier. She shows that she doesn’t completely believe in senseless murder and that she has a heart. What really changed it for me is that she didn’t stand beside Jack after he betrayed Claptrap. That was the final straw for her and Athena and the both left his employ. In relation to BL3 I hope we get content with her that helps some who didn’t catch that understand that she’s a nasty person.

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