Discussing Boldur basic tactics and gear | PvP & PvE

Hey guys.

I’m starting now to play as Boldur, and I’m loving it. He was my favourite character when I was watching videos and trailers before buying the game. But I’m still doing bad/normal with him on PvP, always getting killed more then killing or assisting kills.

I’m trying to do the objectives always, but I don’t really know how much I’m helping with this crazy score mechanism. Just now I’m using a 0 cost shard generator to be able to build stuff and level up fast, a movement speed green and a attack speed blue item.

I’m looking for some basic tips about gear and tactics on how to play as Boldur PvP (on Xbox). I know about the “Boldurdash wall stun”, “Get to level 5 asap”, “Mitigate damage for your team” stuff, and we can discuss about it for sure, but I was looking for more “basic” tips, like:

  • How we can do well on Meltdown? It feels very hard to me to level up to level 5, and when I do, the game is about to over.

  • How you use your sensibility (Console controls)? Sometimes I’m putting pressure on some enemy, almost killing it, and suddenly I lose him from my sight and have to look to map to find him.

  • Should I throw my axe all the time to move faster?(when I don’t have Runes of Power)

  • Should I use a 0 cost attack speed gear to balance our slow attack speed in early games?

  • How do we performance well on early game? Is that possible?

  • Should I focus on meele characters?

  • What gear is better for PvP?

  • What gear and tactics we should use on PvE in general? Should we run in front of our group to take aggro of all mobs? Can we just do the tank role or we can DPS well too?

  • Bonus: How hard is to win the “White Dwarf” skin? lol

As Boldur is a complex character to play, I’m sure that more people have some basic doubts like theses ones.
Share your knowledge and let’s discuss how to make this character more badass for beginners, like me. :smiley:

(Sorry about any english mistakes.)

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A lot of players still don’t know how to deal with a Boldur well and will plink away at your shield. Unless you are playing against high-caliber players, you should be able to farm minions in meltdown fairly easily.

Move up with your own minions to get an overshield. Keep your dash if you need an escape or if you can easily secure a kill. Keep your shield up and jab with the axe, don’t use your full melee combo. Get the minions then get back out of the lane if you need to.

Grab overshield at level 1, rage on dash at 2, and enhanced shields at 3 and you will already have quite a bit of survivablility.

As for gear, I don’t use attack speed, but I know some do. Right now, I have a zero cost regen, a cheap green damage resist with regen below 50%, and boots of the brute.


That’s all very useful, thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

Can you explain how to “Keep your shield up and jab with the axe, don’t use your full melee combo” and why we should do that? This is the first attack of his melee combo, right? We never should use the full melee combo?
I saw some Boldur players doing that on videos, but I don’t really know how to do that.

I use only the first hit, but not everyone does that. It works for me. Hold the shield up and poke. Get a feel for how quickly you can poke without hitting the second hit of the combo. Once I hit level 3, I literally keep his shield up all the time. I like this because it gives you good protection but also lets you be aggressive. Don’t just stand there and let them wail on your shield (this WILL get you killed and is why I struggled with him at first). Keep poking with the axe.

Don’t let yourself get flanked. If enemies are trying to flank, move backward while keeping your shield toward them. Try not to turn your back to enemies except if you are going to use your dash to get away, then immediately turn back around.

It sounds more complicated than it really is. Give it a try.

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So I just hold left trigger (shield up) and push right trigger fast? Then Boldur will attack and defend himself with the shield again? I’ll try that more often.

On level 3 you get the right Helix?

Thank you again!

Oh, now I get it. With Boots of the Brute you don’t need the Level 3 left Helix. Nice. :slight_smile:

Never used the left one anyway (just got the boots this week). The right one is fantastic.