[Discussion] Homeworld 3 on Unity

There’s evidence that BBI will use Unity for Homeworld 3 on the trailer that dropped, while they’ve had success with DOK on Unity in the past will this be a good or bad or indifferent foundation for HW3?

I’m asking because I honestly don’t know :sweat_smile:

Very far from definitive honestly. The BBI folks ought to have Unity on their machines already, and if they’re profficient in it(Which, one would expect they are) prototyping simple ideas in it would likely be fastest even if they’re using a custom engine for the final game.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with Unity as a game engine that BBI doesn’t already know how to handle. The big red flag would be that they didn’t take any steps to make DoK moddable, but that’s more a concern about BBI than it is about Unity. It’s entirely possible to make a game just as moddable as HWR in Unity, you just have to want to. The level and asset editing tools in Unity can give the designers a lot of the flexibility that the design decisions that permitted modding in older games would have, so you remove a lot of the possibility of the game being accidentally made moddable, as I believe was essentially the case with HW1. That would be true if they were using UE instead though.

So, I’m not concerned by this in particular, no.


The biggest issue would be if they utilize the unity asst pipeline without modification for models and rigging. You can make a unity game pretty moddable as far as scripts, but once you utilize the asset stack you are pretty much screwed into making unity asset packs, and that is what could be very limiting for modding, especially when we consider that the HW2 engine they designed their own portable self contained mesh/texture/anim/rigging container and format. The time consuming part is building your own mesh and texture loaders and piping them to the unity primitive functions to bypass the asset pipeline and then optimizing that beast. I haven’t used 2019 yet so maybe there are some better helper functions, but I have used prior unity versions extensively and you have to make a very conscious and time consuming effort to bypass the asset stack and the built in prototypes. So they will have to commit to either expending a lot of time on coding and optimizing a mesh loader or licensing a commercial library and working in its API.

Unity for prototyping makes things incredibly easy and quick, and the entire preview trailer probably could have been done in the unity editor with little to no code (basically an animation tool if you want it to be)

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Unity actually is a good thing. Least in my opinion. I do know unity will support modern systems, and the engine is updated frequently. It is used successfully in several popular games. Kerbal Space Program is one of them, and that game has a HUGE modding community. HW: DoK is the other. While its modding may be non existent. There may be reasons for that . Like Blackbird not opening the game up well enough for modding. Like what EvilleJedi said about the model pipeline, and a general lack of interest in modding DoK as well.

I’m looking into Unity 2019 as well, and we shall see if the model pipeline is handled any better.

Ultimately it is up to the developer. In this case Blackbird. On how open HW3 is for modding. How much will be open to modders? How much will be Hard Coded? If there is any brick wall it will be the hard code.

I so am going to mod homeworld 3 once it comes out.