[DISCUSSION] Megaliths and Collision Avoidance!

While the ships were supposed to do that, I think the trailer is heavily staged.

It looks like the patch will completelly break this map, so it’s likely I’ll release it in this form for Classic, as soon as I’ll find out it doesn’t work anymore.

Not just that, but hey, they didn’t ship HW2 with any of that working or even remotely possible. I don’t know the inside story (or than a TON of groups with different code/styles working on the codebase and making it a huge clusterf**k)… but I imagine issues with these huge systems and effective pathing were part of why they don’t exist in HW2.

Codethulhu must not be awaken ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Would have been exiting to see in HW2 though even if it was extremely heavy on the system resources … Just curious but was there any hint\code regarding the pathing\collision as seen in those screenshots from the HW2 production version,etc… found in the source code for HW2 when Gearbox acquired the ip?


I suppose you could optimize such a large structure for one ship (e.g. the old space sim Descent), but not for a fleet of ships.

So according to the discussion above, this should be impossible…

…it has happened a few times that I have noticed.



So, what did you do? @Dom2

There are three platforms forming a ring, and the taiidan scout has made an attack run against one of them. It has got into the ring and then turned away through the centre of the ring. I suspect this is only a quirk of the attack style and that ships would not plot a path through the ring when moving…

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Yeah, probably might as well bumped into another segment.

Actually, ships can navigate through the ring fine when moving (not attacking)…


Formations are also coping, but sometimes get a bit jittery on the sides…


@Dom2, You shoul cross-post this to the mod thread, since this is pretty awesome!

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OK that actually looks smooth.

I think you meant "I was wrong’… :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently and fortunately.

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@Dom2 You said that your object is made up of 3 objects forming the torus shape, it is all one entity though correct? That seems like it might be the key, separating the different sides of the tunnel into different objects, “freeing up” the center. This may still not be very practical gameplay-wise yet, but its a cool start!

If possible, someone should test it out with a different object created in the same fashion as Dom’s.

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Well yes, splitting up the main mass into several pieces was always the only way you could even dare to start attempting it.

It’s just that in the old days this alone wasn’t enough, because the ships would avoid the collision with the single object they saw in front of them, while not taking into account any surrounding ones. Which ended up with them bumping into whatever was next to the object they would be avoiding. There always had to be an awkwardly large gap between the objects for you to have a chance to look at something presentable.
I still don’t know how come this works, what has changed.
And my question would be whether it does work constantly, without any “head bumps”.


I need to test it more extensively, but I have seen the occasional “head bump”. I did manage to get a frigate to go through the ring though. It only just fits, but it managed to find a path.


I did a few more tests. In general ships are quite good at avoiding the sides of the ring and making the choice to go through the centre or round the outside. The problems start with strike craft formations, especially when they are trying to go diagonally through the ring:


What impressed me most was this:

The scouts passed between the two spikes (which incidentally belong to different ships) without hitting each other or jittering at all - completely smooth.

For me one of the most important things is this:

In my case, for whatever reason, this is not happening. I have not had to scuttle anything in all my tests so far. Nothing has become permanently stuck.


I should return to my Masada map and see how that works.