Discussion of BL1 modding on this forum

This is really a question for the mods/admins.

For years there has been open discussion on the GBX forums of modding on PC, including several ongoing projects using the editor. In the old days there was open discussion of WillowTree, including fixing/resetting quests and creating impossible weapons.

I just had a post flagged as inappropriate and removed from my Craw drop testing thread, in which I talked about exporting weapon part data from WillowTree into a spreadsheet, and showed a screenshot of the spreadsheet.

Is this the “don’t talk about Gibbed” mentality bleeding over from the BL2/TPS areas, and someone not familiar with the BL1 community reporting my posts? Or, is that kind of stuff now frowned upon? Inquiring minds gotta know.

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I’m happy to look into this for you.

Much appreciated.

While I’m digging around back here, I think I should mention that it’s best to PM over moderation queries…

Okay, assuming you’re on PC, you should be good to go shortly.

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Thanks PH, I saw the post is back up.

No worries.