Discussion of Mayhem 2.0

Since Randy announced Mayhem 2.0 at Pax, and gave some details, I thought it would be good to have a specific thread to discuss what we know and what we think about it.
So far, he has said that:

  • it will arrive in April
  • it will have “25 NEW modifiers” (as well as the old, or instead of the old - unclear), or “more than 25, actually”
  • examples include “big head” mode and “floor is lava” mode
  • it will have 10 levels
  • gear and loot will drop that “helps you with the next level” (sounds like OP levels, with gear that is dropped at higher mayhem levels possibly being more powerful than those at lower mayhem levels - unclear)

Any thoughts, or new information, please feel free to add below. =]

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The above information comes directly from the Pax announcement (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-FQtKwOnd4 - at 1.10.29)

I have found other details, from other sources, which haven’t been confirmed, so I’m putting them separately.


  • Mayhem 2.0 will allow you to re-roll modifiers easier (hopefully in your echo menu, but definitely without leaving a map and re-entering it)
  • “players will have the ability to tailor and customise their Mayhem experience more easily and more cleanly” (which is vague, but sounds good)

I’m really hoping that, as I discussed (here: Should mayhem difficulty and modifiers be separate?), gearbox is going to split the modifiers from the difficulty level, allowing you to select a difficulty level (which affects how powerful enemies are) and then add modifiers (which make the game more fun) on top, in some form.
I think it would make the game better if we had more input into how we wanted the difficulty and modifier setup.

Hopefully the “floor is lava” mode has Ava constantly screaming that the lava is rising.


OMG there’s no way they’re turning all of BL3 into a Mutator Arena?!

That would be too good to be possible… like I can’t even wrap my head around how fundamentally game-changingly epic that would be.

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Think sirens are required to do this. It’d definitely fit. Lol. =]


There was a time I heard this so much I was sick of hearing it LoL

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This would be amaaaazing if these two things turn out to be true. The three main things I was hoping for with Mayhem 2.0 were the ability to customize the modifiers, more Mayhem levels to allow a more granular approach to selecting the difficulty (and 10 levels is exactly what I was hoping for), and smarter modifiers in general. It sounds like all of this is actually happening if these leaks are to be believed. I am super excited!

Now, if we could just get the ability to re-roll items…

EDIT: Oh, and the ability to change the Mayhem settings without going back to Sanctuary will be awesome as well!

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Ok, seriously, yeah it sounds pretty cool. Especially the bits about being able to fine-tune your modifiers and being able to re-roll them without leaving the map and such.