Discussion On Potential Future Gold / Eridium Sinks?

Curious about what others can think of to help create some sort of sinks into the game for end-game. These numbers are all hypothetical, so just use them for reference.

I feel like they could create a number of interesting harder and time based challenges.

Bonus Circle of Slaughter Challenges

Circle of Slaughter could be really interesting with additional challenges that people could pay for better loot chances at the end of the events.

  • Pay $250k, and enter the CoS, you receive an additional difficulty modifier, additional random challenge on each round, 15% more enemies spawn, you can’t die during the entire completion, if you complete it, you recieve a special chest with 250% better quality loot, with 100% better quality loot for each round you completed the bonus challenge on.
  • Pay $500k, and enter the CoS, in a timed event, complete the entire map in a set amount of time, completing bonus challenges for each round adds extra time on to complete it, make it to where it is a very very tight squeeze to complete if you don’t at least do 1-2 of the 5 bonus challenges for the 5 rounds of CoS. Get a special chest to open that grants say, 300% better quality loot, with additional 1% per 1 second left on your timer.

Raceway Events

I feel like we might have a DLC that focuses on vehicles at some point, they let us customize the vehicles more than any other game, but have very little use in this game for them, other than a few spots. I think race’s could be really fun and an interactive way, like RDR2 did to bring in sinks to the game as well. It would be chaotic and fun, perfect for borderlands.

They already have one raceway, and two very open area’s in the campaign that could make for great race maps, and could add more in the future.

  • Pay $25k per race, winner takes home $50k, other 3 leave with nothing, 4 player races, could allow matchmaking, but also single player could play alone against AI. Bring in additional rewards and milestones, so say, after playing 50 races, unlock a new vehicle skin, have the winner get to open a weapon crate in a special room only the player who won can enter in, like the Carnivora entrance.
    • There could be a variety of racetracks, some with just a long stretch, think of like some of the campaign levels where you just try to get to Point A to Point B the fastest, and some others with traditional race tracks with laps, like what exists at the beginning of the game on Pandora.
    • They can make the long stretch races, also have time trial options, so you try to beat a certain time.

Demo Derby Events

I am surprised that we don’t see this in Borderlands yet, the carnage, the destruction, the blood that could be spilt on the arena floor, seems like it would fit in so well with the theme of this game.

  • A big arena, equip everyone with saw-bladed front and back bumpers, no actual guns on the vehicles, maybe have some super close range attacks that you can activate occasionally to bump people away from you or something, and just have an old fashioned smack down. Pay $25k per event, with the option to bet more with friends.
    • Even allow AI demo derby events, so say, you can be the audience, and you can bet on a certain cars to win, and you can activate certain floor effects and things to try to help your guy win, that cost money to activate to give your AI guy an edge potentially, or not if you are unlucky.
    • Have room decoration awards, vehicle modifications, skins, etc all be various rewards to win, so people are motivated to play, have rewards that you have to win so many to get, and also have some where you just have to play to win, so that way everyone is working towards winning things.

Nog Fight Arena

There is a part in the game where this already is mentioned, it would be cool to actually be able to bet on who you think might win. Not sure how to make it a gold sink per say, but you could say, pay $50k for a fight, win $75k if your guy wins. So the odd’s might work out for you or might not.

Maybe even allow us to customize our own Nog’s to fight with other player’s Nog’s. Could be a cool customization feature to add to the game for more content.

I think that all the above could be used for both cash or optional Eridium sinks even if you wanted to spend Eridium to enter instead of your cash. But I think it would be nice to see better Eridium sinks as well, that were more tuned to Eridium itself.

Currently, we have a few Eridium sinks, and I think it’s not as big of an issue yet, as quickly as cash will be for many people, as we have tons of cosmetics we can buy with it, the Eridium vending machine, slot machine, and the Eridium gun spewing weapon.

Again, these are all just ideas, some, maybe all of them are bad, but I would love to hear your ideas as well.

New Eridium Ammo Weapon

Uses Eridium as ammo, and you can blast targets with it, giving them power, like the Troy, to actually turn them into Anointed, and turning Anointed in Super Anointed. Yeah, you heard me right. I know there are people out there that don’t like to play against them, which is fine, and this can just be not used for those people. But they do give better loot, and infusing a target with it could make better loot for general mobbing.

Better Slots

This is just a modification to the slots we have now, 10 for normal slots, allow 25 for all 3 rows to be played, like traditional slots, or pay 50 to have a chance to win any direction, including diagonal.

Pay For Mayhem

A potential use for Eridium could be to require certain Mayhem modes to require Eridium to power each re-load. So people can’t just spam M3 reloads till they get something they like. It doesn’t have to be much, so M3 could just require 3 Eridium to turn on each time, M2 would require 2, etc.

Eridium Induced Loot Buff

They could add in a pedestal at the start of each boss fight, that could allow you to deposit Eridium into, it would increase the bosses damage, health, and speed (so they would move slightly faster on their attacks, making them harder to dodge), and in return you get a good increase to your loot drop table too. I am not sure what would make this a good balance, but could be a great way to sink Eridium in the game.

You would have to deposit it each time you visit it, so not any astronomical amount, but just enough that it would be an incentive to certainly do it, or, it could be a one time deposit, but it would have to a very high amount that would start to make a noticeable difference.

Eridium Vehicle Customization

Not sure why this isn’t in the game, but Crazy Earl could sell new attachments, vehicle customization colors, etc that cost Eridium to buy from him. I think this would be a decent way to get more Eridium to be spent.

I would love to hear what ideas everyone else has about the above, and also any ideas you have about what could be potential fun mini-games, current mini-game enhances, new content, etc that could create additional gold sinks, new rewards, etc that would benefit and be fun for people to play and try out.


Ability to alter the ship or various settlements on Pandora, Eden 06, etc.

More Bank SDUs.

Maybe a way to pay gold/eridium to start a new Vault Hunter at a higher level right off the bat (jumpstart)?

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We need to be able to pay research teams to uplift creatures like on Eden-6. It wasn’t a boss fight but one of my favorite moments, the more you pay the more you have in the arena to fight against… Keeping it battle royal!

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Ah yes, that would be very cool to do indeed.

That could be very cool for sure. Maybe after upgrading the settlements with better things, you unlock additional content to, new settlers coming in with new quests, etc.

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Settlers could could from Quest like the Psycho game show host or rescue from CoV or something

Also I could see purchasing character specific locker space. Not like more display plaques but serving the same purpose… I won’t use the same gear on all my characters so if they don’t want to increase the account bank size at least let me buy a footlocker for each character where I can keep their class/build specific gear.


Furthermore, why should we be stuck on sanctuary iii? Let me buy a posh loft on Promethea or a yurt on Eden-6!

I doubt that’ll ever happen, but it opens up loads more possibilities for cash expenditures.

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Or a water slide

1 dlc absolutely has to be a waterslide theme park with how much they talk about em in the game


I dunno if it will be a full content dlc, but I could see them doing something like the free halloween event but water themed, for summertime maybe.

But I dunno, they could do something crazy with a water amusement park thing for whole new content dlc

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I could see something like being beneficial

Re-roll weapon parts on guns / Re-roll annointed perks on annointed guns. Of course these would need to be expensive so that they aren’t easily abused but I think it would be a good use of money/eridium for end-game especially for those hardcore fans who like to optimize every little thing about their builds.

I’d rather there not be anyway to re-roll gear in this game, other than using a gun as a currency for a roll at the slots for another gun entirely like there was in the BPS. What could compensate is having ample storage space so you could amass a collection of variations to said gun, and say if you had multiple copies of a gun, there could be a quick loadout to each variant you had on hand.

Although back to the discussion on eridium/money sinks. Spending said currency for additional end game difficulty sliders of unique game effects that are independent of of Mayhem would be welcome.

Yeah, something like BPS might be interesting to see.

Thanks for your input, I do agree that seeing something like that, with sliders that you could activate with eridium/money sinks would be great additions.

You’d still end up with a crapload of Eridium, and a lot of people think the game is easy enough as is, but why weren’t Moxxtails not brought back?

Not the coolest thing, I know, but still a way to spend it.

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Purchase a artifact that will transport maya just moment she was able been dusted. Also reason she scream is being ripped her siren power from her

i am not sure how feasible that would be to the lore.

i’d love to have a grinder vendor were you put 3 weapons and some eridium to roll for an purple / legendary with an annoitment.

or, use eridium to reroll annoitments.

use eridium to spawn / repsawn raid bosses.

and the more obvious one, SDUs for inventory / bank space. But i feel that the issue is actually because of Ui limitations more than anything else.