Discussion On Potential Future Gold / Eridium Sinks?

Gearbox already destroy the lore with Tycon been the first vault hunter unless he is hundreds of years old

There are too many things that can go along with that though…

  1. Typhon mentioned teaching a teenage Wainright to shoot a shotgun, but doesn’t mention an actual age, Typhon could have been 20 and taught Wainwright when he was 18.

It would push him towards the 70-80 year old range, but there could be a very good chance that with him living on Nekrotafaeo that time travels differently on that planet. That planet has been cloaked essentially for decades, no one has been able to “find” it.

Typhon’s kids are around the 20 year old mark, but they left years ago, so who knows how the age, space, and time effected them after they left, which explains why Typhon didn’t recognize his own daughters voice until she spoke to him directly and called him out.

And we know that roughly 7 years of our earth time to get through all the seasons on Pandora, this is discussed in echo logs, so there is a chance aging and other things happen differently on Nekrotafayo, I mean his wife born two sirens, most likely because they were infused with some eridium radiation from being on that planet for so many years, and during their development cycle, which is how they were to become sirens.

So there is still a strong chance for lore to still be active in that sense. Time traveling back in time that far would certainly have a huge impact lore wise especially, but time travel would be extremely difficult to move in.

I think the game could use a workbench/crafting system similar to Diablo 3’s jeweler. Similarly, it’d give the player the ability to modify a single line of stat for a price that increase each time. I don’t know if it should be able to change Annointments.

I’m thinking it was more to do with conception inside a vault than some radiation what doesn’t affect other vault hunters or even earl as far as we can tell.

Not to mention it wasn’t two sirens, they were conjoined and had the same ability… The son was limited to using it against sirens though as he wasn’t a real one until he did so.

The flow of time being different in nekrotafayo doesn’t make sense as a plot device though. There would be distortions in communication between the planet and Sanctuary if this existed - and he wouldn’t have been able to stay up to date with echo broadcasts even if he failed to recognize his children in them. It would be much more feasible if Typhon simply had a one of a kind artifact to eliminate the effects of aging on himself.

One very cool and obvious Eridium sink would be the ability to forcefully (at a cost) annointed a legendary.

EXCEPT : you don’t get to chose with which bonus, of even which class.

So you still need to farm legendary and eridium to repeat the process

Rhys Strongfork and the rebuilding of Lazy river land.

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