Discussion: One shotter shield/ Bee shield/ do you think these should exist?

I would like to see other peoples views and have a conversation on this subject.

Bl2 you could farm a bee shield yourself. I personally didn’t wanna use it. I found it game breaking.

Now in bl3 we have every last youtube vid using the one shotter shield. A rare purple triple amp card shield everyone got “sent” from a friend. That most people will never see in their lifetime.

Its usually low capacity so any shield regens gonna fill it and itll come back up fast gives 100% amp for 20% shield.

Basically the delay is 2 seconds. Any talents or ranks makes it a second.

It is favored because it correctly amps multiple pellet guns. But in the game amp shields in general should be doing that correctly and it should be considered a bug that they dont.

Good info from Thicc Below
Edit: apparently the rerouter and 0.m legendary shields in general do not properly amp extra pellets.
Amp rolls do amp anoints do.

No these two shields are not the same. But the One shotter is a traded item, with talents ranks/abilities it gets full to amp in a second. 100% damage.

I personally hope we never see the bee again or its amp damage is lowered if it comes.

What do you guys think about this?
Do you think One shotter shields are even legit as most ppl get them from Trades/Mail.
Do you think the Bee should return?
Do you think these items ruin the balance of the game?
Do you find people who use the one shotter shield as legit?


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bee shield is probably too op but i have made various suggestions in the gear creation thread for other approaches to AMP shields

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I remember personally rolling my eyes at anyone on vid using the bee and downing content and rolling my eyes now as Im starting to feel the same about all these “traded” one shotter shields. Literally saw a deleted reddit post about modded items trading oneshotters etc.

Personally i dont think 300>90 should be a thing either but i know everyone wants it. Its gonna get worse as health’s reduced upcoming.

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I saw and used enough bee in bl2, no need to do this over again let Hunter Hellquist rest in peace.
I have a one shotter shield myself, I am not using it that much as I generally prefer defensive shield except with Zane because he got barrier. I did not know that was a thing with the youtubers nor that I care much about youtubers. I am not shocked that people trade for it, that is the very purpose of trading to get rare items. I traded for it myself, I have seen triple property shields and they are very rare but I’ve never seen one shotter in machines or drops.

I don’t mind that they exist.
I just don’t use 'em. Doesn’t suit my playstyle in BL3. I used the Bee in BL2 for the Warrior and for Saturn, not much else, simply because for both of those you could stand in one spot and shoot away.

I rarely stand still in BL3 (Zane doesn’t encourage it) so I don’t use amps.

So many other high-powered weapons in BL3 that a bee or high amp damage shields just don’t make a difference to me. And never playing co-op I don’t mind if they exist.

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what do AMP shields have to do with standing still?
in the current meta, moze would have to sprint to effectively use them

Alrighty, thoughts:

I was essentially a hermit for about 10 years, didn’t GAF what was going on in the world, when I snapped out of my funk and rejoined society, I was confused, and franky disappointed, at what a busybody everyone had become.

Looping back to video games, I don’t under how gamers don’t have the creativity or willpower to adjust their playstyle/loadout/etc. to accommodate the experience they want to have in a game (provided the game allows for it, like in Borderlands, Warframe, etc.).

We’re given tons of gun that function differently, tons of supporting gear to tweak playstyles, a ton of varying levels of difficulty, a ton of places to fight in, tons of enemies to blast, ways to team up with like-minded people and avoid people we don’t like; Why don’t we adapt? Why aren’t we happy?

We’ll never agree on how a game is supposed to be balanced or how it’s “supposed” to be played, and that’s fine, let’s play it we want, to as much degree as the game’s design will allow. If you still can’t enjoy it then you and the game’s design are incompatible, so kindly move on.

Also, don’t just run off to sulk, write down exactly what it is you want from a video game and send that letter to video game developers so they can see what people like you want. You can’t just cry about something and expect it to get better, you need to articulate your thoughts and put them in the hands of people who have the talent to make it happen.

And if no one likes your ideas, you need to accept that either your gaming philosophies are junk (Or maybe you’re too beautiful for this world lmao)


I sometimes think its a truely viral modded item and everyone says its legit… As everyone gets it from “someone”

After i realized how bad modded items are viral i decided to not trade anymore. I wont even pick up items ppl drop unless i know them.

I think theyre staying away from the bee design but it makes me wonder.

Anyways i think steamers who use it arent legit.
Come to my discord to get traded cloned op items.

I dunno what to think. Im gonna use everything i could find legitimately myself in the game.
But i sneer at modded items.

Hey if ppl wanna use em go for it. But dont pollute or corrupt me with em.

Anywho i think theyre leaning away from amp supremacy hopefully

I dont get the correlation as itll amp regardless of movement? You can slide and itll amp. You could move or stay still. I dont understand.

Well mine got a fairly useless anoint so I doubt it is modded, for perfect god rolled items I understand you can have doubts.

The bee shield is NOT the same as the one shotter. Hopefully gearbox knows this instead of reading people compare the two all the time.

Bee shield, and amp in bl2 in general were ADDITIVE BONUSES. I don’t remember what the bee shield bonus was exactly but it was something like +100k damage. This damage was added multiple times to unlisted projectiles. So for example, using the scourge in bl3, each child rocket from scourge would get that +100k multiple times, and that would be unintended/broken.

The one shotter shield and amp in this game does NOT work like this. It actually adds a % bonus. In the one shotters case it is 100% amp damage. This has no weird interaction with unlisted pellets, they only get the bonus one time on the original shot. This has no weird interaction with multipellets. This amp shield works properly. Also keep in mind that it’s not just the one shotter shield, every amp part and the brand new shield break amp anointment work properly like this. It’s just that the one shotter shield is the most popular because it has 3 amp rolls.

You know what doesn’t work properly? Legendary amp shields, specifically the 0.m and the rerouter. The problem with these is they only amp one pellets worth of damage.

For example lets use a lvl 50 maggie (because i remember the damage of this, and its a nice round number)

The one shotter shield (well actually any shield amp roll, or the new amp anoint) will actually amp this properly. Lets use the one shotter shields bonus of +100% amp damage. This would look something like this:
(500x6) + (500x6) - basically shows that the amp actually amps your shot properly.

The 0.m and rerouter only amp one pellets worth of damage. And I really want to stress that these two legendary shields specifically are the only ones that do this. All shield amp rolls, and the new anointment, works properly like the one shotter. Anyways, these look like this:
(500x6) + (500) - basically showing that this amp does not work with all pellets. And this is why people don’t use these. (actually i believe rerouter/0.m have 125% amp, but for simplicity sake lets just leave the math alone)

I’ve already sent a report to gearbox that I honestly believe didn’t make it past 2k, because they never had me fill out the secondary form.
Here’s my video on this as well https://youtu.be/X_mqh18bb1Q

So I seriously want to stress, stop comparing the one shotter to the bee shield. They are not the same thing in any way shape or form. I would like it if Gearbox decides to FIX legendary shields, instead of nerfing shield rolls because people like to compare this to the bee shield because of the phrase ‘amps multipellets correctly’. There’s no broken or unintended mechanic happening with the one shotter, it just actually amps all your pellets unlike the legendary amp shields. And once again I want to point out that the brand new cartel anoint for amp on shield break, also amp multipellet weapons correctly. Which kind of leads me to believe that legendary amp shields are bugged.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear.

In Bl2 I used Amp shields/Bee with sniper rifles only. And (for me) I need to be somewhat stable to use snipers (Lyudas in BL2 were basically assault rifles so don’t really count as snipers),

So what I mean is sniping in BL3 with an amp shield is not optimum for me as Zane since the movement bonus Zane gets can’t be ignored, and I have not been great at any sniper rifle in BL3 (the Sand Hawk is like the Lyuda, not really a sniper).


Good info ill edit and correct it.

Ill still keep the fact that with any setup having. Shield regen or delay decrease its basically a 100% proper? amp on demand all the time.

Theres still ppl who ive seen speak on what they think about the item, as its mostly found in the traded variety.

So thr 0.m circle doesnt amp properly too? Arg.

Of course its not the bee.

I believe the 0.m break effect just gives you 50% gun damage when you stand inside of it. It’s not even amp iirc.

Now that makes more sense!

You gotta link me it. You gotta good sensenof balance and i enjoy reading you in general.

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aww that’s so kind <3

i kinda do that as a hobby because i have no idea how to get into the game dev industry xD
i made a whole new VH with 3 complete skilltrees xD

(you probably wanna check the whole thread if you are bored^^)

(if you wanna read it :p)

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I got my AMP from a vending machine and it has 16k base capacity so not exactly low and the only time I used it is for GW farming.

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16k and it had amp amp amp?! Wow. Thats a find.
Is the delay super long or something?

I do like to collect triple effect shields and grenades and once grenades get some lovin I plan to have fun with a Nuke, Nuke, Nuke go Torgue :rofl:

I’m still hunting for a Diluvian Rain Firestorm though :face_with_monocle: