Discussion: One shotter shield/ Bee shield/ do you think these should exist?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear.

In Bl2 I used Amp shields/Bee with sniper rifles only. And (for me) I need to be somewhat stable to use snipers (Lyudas in BL2 were basically assault rifles so don’t really count as snipers),

So what I mean is sniping in BL3 with an amp shield is not optimum for me as Zane since the movement bonus Zane gets can’t be ignored, and I have not been great at any sniper rifle in BL3 (the Sand Hawk is like the Lyuda, not really a sniper).


Good info ill edit and correct it.

Ill still keep the fact that with any setup having. Shield regen or delay decrease its basically a 100% proper? amp on demand all the time.

Theres still ppl who ive seen speak on what they think about the item, as its mostly found in the traded variety.

So thr 0.m circle doesnt amp properly too? Arg.

Of course its not the bee.

I believe the 0.m break effect just gives you 50% gun damage when you stand inside of it. It’s not even amp iirc.

Now that makes more sense!

You gotta link me it. You gotta good sensenof balance and i enjoy reading you in general.

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aww that’s so kind <3

i kinda do that as a hobby because i have no idea how to get into the game dev industry xD
i made a whole new VH with 3 complete skilltrees xD

(you probably wanna check the whole thread if you are bored^^)

(if you wanna read it :p)

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I got my AMP from a vending machine and it has 16k base capacity so not exactly low and the only time I used it is for GW farming.

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16k and it had amp amp amp?! Wow. Thats a find.
Is the delay super long or something?

I do like to collect triple effect shields and grenades and once grenades get some lovin I plan to have fun with a Nuke, Nuke, Nuke go Torgue :rofl:

I’m still hunting for a Diluvian Rain Firestorm though :face_with_monocle:


Agh so urs does have a longer delay. Whats the delay for u after ranks and buffs like 1 second?

I have a mirv firestorm rain. So i collect grenades too. In waiting for the patch to even bother. I never cluster f*ck grenades anymore but a ton whenninwas leveling. What i really want is a mirv bouncing blight. Never seen that.

Well its good to know u found it out in the wild.
Ive been thinking with the damage cap reached already if we’re just doing too much damage in general with everything available.

apparently, AMP parts also increase capacity and decrease delay

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So whys everyone have short capacity low delay ones? Oh well.

Maybe those are modded then.

I was reading some forums and post and rants and thought… This would make a great dumpster fire.
And itd get ppl talking/caring about the game.

Im still interested in ppls pov. I notice alot of ppl arent on anymore or moved on.

I try to keep in mind that our damage output tends to go in surges and that the game is nowhere near fully evolved yet. So beyond the planned balances I stay out of any nerf this or that discussions as I feel most of them will be made irrelevant by the game’s evolution.

As to delay on my AMP with bonuses? Not a clue sorry I rarely use it and I swap relics quite a bit with not many having a recharge delay but those that do will be 33% probably and my GR bonus is -10%.

Well amara reached the damage cap already using a one shotter along with quad 90 anoint

In wonder if shieldbreak amp anoint + massive capacity + lunacy gives the full max capacity or just shields base in amp.

Might be a dead end or might be op who knows!

I feel like everyones saying though… Dude just forget about this game its dead. Theres better fish

And im like this lone nutcase psycho crying at my dead fish with borderlands 3 written on it… And we’re somehow in a desert mind you… And im beating on fish. ! Breathe! Breaaaathe… And as i scream at it and it recoils from my beating… It seems to breathe… But its all an illusion of impact physics…

lights a cigarette and stares into yonder

I always have 5 or 6 out of 8 on my list playing, I’m playing and whilst in transit or save quitting I read the forum and input.

Other games on the horizon or round the corner (Looking at you Last of Us) may have me dividing my time though.

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One Shotter is way more balanced than The Bee will ever be. Bee shield completely screwed up every content created, devs designed all future content post vanilla based on the fact that everyone used that shield.

One Shotter will never do that. It will never centralize meta, gameplay, to the point of incluencing the design of future contents. Plus, I never see anyone using that in mobbing tbh. Except if you’re god mode zane with barrier, there are better options for other VHs.

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Son of Bee: who cares? Just skip using it if it comes back in a bad way. I similarly didn’t care for how overpowered the Bee was in BL2, but using a severely underleveled one (whose damage output was less than a normal amp shield and had like five digit capacity) was quite fun. The glass in this cannon had fragile stamped all over it.

One Shotter: is it not legit if it comes through a trade or mail? Even if it was crafted out of thin air, if it’s parted the same as one that can spawn legitimately, who cares? Is the exact same piece of gear somehow more legit because it was gifted by RNG instead of a friend?

I don’t even care if other players use modded, one-shot gear if they’re not deceptive about its use.


But zane can, fade away flak can, ttb amara can on mobbing.

So 3/4. I dont see alot of moze videos personally.


Edit: 4/4 characters because

And then

This^ i feel like they watch youtube videos and balance around that rather than what ppl wear.

So in that way 100% amp damage every second or infinitely with moze/ buff may contribute to their idea of balance or content.

now, with bloodletter and rushin offensive its technically OP

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Yep so all 4 characters can get a 100% amp bonus literally every second or so. Any sniper build/ moze can use anything as long as it heals with bloodletter.

Something to chew on. Maybe people arent realizing yet.