DISCUSSION: Possibilities for future updates

More of a concept thread, and the title says it all. If you have ideas, don’t hesitate to drop 'em.

Here’s some I drew up:

I do not like this. Personally I don’t agree with any of these ideas except the assists count as kills, if say you are the majority damage dealer, but I especially do not like this. I think it’s very restrictive, and restrictions are not something I want to see in a game as diverse and customisable as Battleborn.

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I dunno. The way I saw it when I drew it up was that a required drawback</font color> might balance out drastically increasing a positive effect</font color>, especially for something like Cooldown Reduction.

But if someone uses gear with drawbacks that don’t affect them (ex : something related to shield for eldrids), they will become overpowered, and I think Gearbox want to avoid that.

Plus if you stack like attack damage enough times, you could get seriously OP

[quote=“mattiwarden, post:5, topic:1382595, full:true”]Plus if you stack like attack damage enough times, you could get seriously OP[/quote]Noted on the damage, although I’m gonna ask if you guys can refresh/recap me on the Eldrids.

Anyway, I’m still seeing it as a possible plus, but here’s a last shot to unbreak that concept – what about additionally requiring that they all be items that have a cost, thus requiring some serious shard collecting? Because I’ve made a shard-free loadout and immediately triggered everything, so it would definitely be broken if you could do this with cost-free items.

UPDATE: Edited original post to reflect this for the time being; the relevant suggestion in the originating post may ultimately be scratched out.

One of my feiends ran a costless loadout, it was great for an early game push on Incursion but if we didn’t win early he fell behind the opponents who activated their high end gear late game. Worked best on slayers for those early kills to level up quickly and outlevel the enemy team.

I dont really see problem with the gear I dont think they should all have to have a drawback kinda defeats the purpose if gear can make me alot worse plus i can just see people using drawbacks that dont work for them eg increase reload of character that dont reload. Also dont see i problem with all free gear yes they become super power for the first 3 levels and dont need to waste shards on gear allowing them to level up quicker but they become alot weaker later on and all gear i found that was free had a negative effect.

Edit missed read post thought you wanted to remove shard counting for other teams

@puunchbag193 :confused: Who suggested removing shard-farming for the team?