Discussion to unlock the heads and skins from Axton gearbox community day PS3

Hello girls and guys…I’m a new member…I have a problem and i need your help…I want to unlock the Axton head ‘‘call down the thunder’’ and the skin ‘‘stand there and bleed’’ from Gearbox community day. But the link to access to this content does not work or does not exist.It’s very important for me.So please find me a solution, I can pay for it. Feel my despair it’s been a week I’m looking night and day without approaching a solution to my goal.

I randomly got the head from a skag pile in Lynchwood while going through there as Krieg, so it’s in the loot pool, just EXTREMELY rare.

Moved this to the borderlands 2 section. And they are around, just very very rare.

So there is hope for me to find it yet.

Yes, after close to 600-700 hours of this game, I’ve only found one.

Your hope is nil.


Yes, you and your wife must create new characters and farm the Bullymong piles in Liars Berg until you get it… And then farm for hers :wink:

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I gave up on ever finding them in the game and got them all through the Twitch subscription promotion they did a while back. I don’t know if that’s still avaiIable. The thing is, I don’t use Twitch and I don’t plan on starting anytime soon, so I basically bought the skins and got a subscription to the service as a bonus… It also got me a free copy of Homeworld Remastered for PC, which I won’t enjoy cause I don’t have a PC. It was not the best deal ever, I admit (and I think my credit card was cloned through the transaction), but I really, really wanted those skins and heads. I don’t regret it. I still use the community day skins on both my Axton and my Zer0 to this day. They’re my favorite skins in the game.

If only I could get to that 4th level of Inception so I could have the time necessary to do so.

On the other hand, I doubt the Inception machine supports the cross save.

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