Disgraceful treatment of Mac players!

I understand we are a minority but the handling of this is simply appalling. Update release for “ALL PLATFORMS” yet I had to file multiple support tickets and dig deep into forums to find that it would come later for us… Even the support people had to figure out what was up. Just horrible, wasted so much of my time all they have to do is say “coming for osx week or month or what?” I can easily boot in windows anyhow but its a question of partition space. I need osx to produce music in Logic Pro and the novelty + convince of not having to reboot seemed nice. BUT DONT FKN BOTHER if you cant even get ANY oficial info to players who you obviously thought it was worth porting for. It’s disgusting ,I have never seen such a thing! Mostly the recent updates came quite soon after the pc ones but this is a major upgrade and there is nothing i can do except refresh the Epic store every day and pray. Now I have to DL the whole 140GB onto another drive to play it in windows… Again, JUST DON’T BOTHER to Port if you will treat customers like this!!!


We have a thread about this already:
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One is enough. :face_with_monocle: