Disk to Digital Copy Question

Hi I don’t know where to post this and I sort of asked this question before but I have a follow up question now.

So I just bought the digital version of BLHC since my disk keeps crashing.

My PS4 says to delete the disk game before I can download the digital copy. I uploaded saved data to online storage from my system storage. Does that ensure that I won’t lose my files from the disk version? I’m afraid of losing everything on my game.

Also will I lose my trophies?

Trophies are the same for both version for every region. Saves are stored in different place than game data, for maximum safety you can also do copy of your saves on USB drive/pen.
Just make sure that your digital version of the game has the same product ID as physical one.

How do I see product ID and does that mean my data is safe the way I did it?

It says I have to delete my disk version before I can download the digital version.

And will I lose access to the Lilith DLC

Check the box of the game (bottom of the “spine”, idk how to call it). For EU it should be CUSA01446. you can check digital product id in website version of PSS. If you have different versions your saves may not be compatible.

No, FfS will be available as long as your versions are the same (product ID).

I don’t see the product ID for the digital version but I did find it for my disk

In the link

Where does it say it though?

I’m so sorry :sweat_smile:

Web address

I don’t see the ID

I see the link

Oh thank you so much!

you can still use your save from the disc version onto the digital version. I also changed from disc to digital when it became free in plus.

As I said, only if you have the same version (region, product id).