Disk Write Error message on Steam

plenty of room on m.2 drive.

Heh, just left a reply commenting on your post on Steam as I have the same problem. Steam wants to download a 214mb patch but this Disk Write Error keeps popping up. Restarting my PC will allow me to start the game, but if I close out the game and try to restart the game I get this error as well:
Steam - Error 7_1_2020 3_03_19 AM

Plenty of space (165gb open) and still…

Update: Disabled Cloud Saves fixed this for me.


I’m having the same exact issue, the game was running just fine until I installed DLC and it required an update. Hopefully trying some of the ideas here enables me to play and enjoy the game without any problems. Kind of annoying that downloading the DLC breaks the game like this…