Display module buffs as live stats(like upgrades)

I’d like to request a very simple thing here.
You know how buying an armor upgrade increases the displayed armor value of a ship, but the fire control tower’s effect is not displayed?
It would be nice if it could be made so that such effects actually showed their improvements on ships.

Also, when you create a module that increases the armor of the ship it’s on, it will only extend the max armor, not the current value, leaving the ship “damaged”. Something important to note here is that this type of module actually DOES show up in the stats (armor value increases).


Good call! Relic never really showed us why we should build those things and how they would affect our fleet etc… This request has my full support esspecially for all the newcomers into hw this might be very benefical! @vets rate this request up. Shouldn’t be hard to implement that into the tool tips with a percentige value…

Agreed, but only in stats, not if having the boost is also represented by making the ships under the effect magicaly glow like in every other game. Please god don’t do that.


Yep, only the numbers should change. It should be made mod friendly so that any stat can be changed this way with modules.

A tiny icon next to the health bar might be nice. Actually that would make more sense if you had to dock ships individually in order to upgrade them to the new tech.