Disproving zane myths: zane needs very specific/perfect gear to be viable

  • level 1 to 50 M3
  • fresh level 50 M3 only

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for vods and live go here

what would be a nice proof that zane does not need any red text gear to play at mayhem3 ?

level 1 to 50 progress without ever picking up single red text effect item

or simply level 50 tvhm m3 playthrough with not a single red text item?

conditions: no red text (aka unique/special gear); no catpurse for infinite ammo; ??? what else?


No need for proofs, he is viable.


how is this Zane is seriously awful and MH3 is nearly impossible with him without perfect gear

trending then :smiley: :smiley:

Probably because of hyperbole being so popular. M3 is definitely more of a struggle on him than it is on other VHs, but its certainly not “nearly impossible”. What we need “perfect” gear for are things like the circles and proving grounds, and eh, I’m pretty sure that’s how it was supposed to be for the others as well.


that is agreeable and they need specific gear for slaughters outside of maybe amara but some of her interactions with multiple target takedowns will be nerfed i am sure.


Personally I feel like Fl4k comes down to his build more than gear, and Moze was the same as long as you had a beam grenade before the change. Moze definitely requires a bit more tweaking now, but again, I’m pretty sure that was the intent.

But in the long run, the “Zane is terrible” posts are basically people who have tried one particular build or set up and it didn’t work out. They haven’t put time or effort into trying anything else.

The more vods i have to back up my points the better I feel so the playthrough is coming regardless but yeah i do not see this no effort other characters anywhere

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I think the “real” issue is jealousy! :grin:

Zane is the ONLY vault hunter with a personality and therefore attracts Zane mains who have personality. The boring people just don’t like fun :crazy_face:


Lmao tbh boring people love catpurse chucks and afk hex too so that is a lot of mozes there

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Okay this is turning out to be easier than sniper only lol

vods here disclaimers: i am awesome af; 720p quality; if you can not replicate what i do in same settings difference maybe in guardian rank skills so you will get there as well.

I don’t get the goal of this. Yes Zane is viable in M3, but does he needs buff ? Yes. He is weaker than the others and devs said that buffs are coming. I think it’s cool that Zane will be better in the future, and he will be at the same level as the others^^

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the point is claims are zane can not be played in m3 without perfect gear and i am using regular gear, that is the point. i am also very unsure of other VH’s being as far ahead as amara ; siren is too strong but once level cap increases do moze and fl4k really feel that much ahead ? i do not respect any level 50 claims especially from clueless people. however nobody said anything about buffing zane i want to shut the people up who claim ■■■■ like zane is not made for m3 or you need super duper gear to play on m3. what exactly do other characters do with regular guns that zane does not? who goes into m3 with moze and green guns ? i think this bullshittery has to stop. and i am gonna have a case for every damn gun and zane in m3 doing work ;D

I have two Level 50 Zanes. One Zane Is Cryo/CCC. The other Zane is my test build Zane. Cryo Zane is very good. He doesn’t outperform other VHs but he can get through Slaughter Shaft if the Modifiers are favorable.

My Test Zane is there to test builds and let me tell you, The best Build that isn’t CCC based that I’ve seen so far is @GimmickBuilds Nova Berner build which is EXTREMELY GEAR DEPENDENT(Need a lot of splash damage enhancers). And In theory, @Gentlemann infinite Tediore build(haven’t tried yet because it is also EXTREMELY GEAR Dependent).

Clone + Drone is literally not viable in MM3. Period. You HAVE to have Barrier. Period. You will not survive is slaughter Shaft without it. UNLESS YOU ARE A GOD AT THIS GAME

Zane is THE gear dependent in the game. Even his best builds needs the Maggie or a Maggie like gun. Viability is subjective of course. But I think he is farther from the other Vault hunters than people realize. Zane needs specific weapons just to be behind other Vault Hunters. Imagine if those weapons got nerfed? Oh wait, A lot of them already did. Zane is the only VH with Multiple Hard counters to his Action Skills or regular skills. Cryo Immunity and Maliwan guns ignoring shields, will leroy jekins your whole set up.

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lol okay i have done 2 shaft runs without udnercover

you are wrong period. there is one screen shot and two game play vids.

right now i am literally palying through mayhem 3 without any of the weapons mentioned. like what are you on about. you have literally no idea and your post literally proves to @matthieugradaive that this needs to be done :smiley:

you posted all this verbal diar… without watching any vids. oh you only click on OP builds right? lul

I’ve already seen your thread. I didn’t post because the people in thread handled alot of what I wanted to say for me. It seemed like the main goal of the thread was to show your accomplishment rather than to inform. Even now I get that vibe. And you even mentioned that it took the best items in the game to do it. Plus I swear you did it pre-nerf of alot of overpowered legendaries in the game.

i did it post nerf… and ffs lyuda and flakker were not even used. so stop swearing. i did it when hex did not give life steal on salvation. it is post hef flakker and lyuda adjustments. check the damn time it was posted.

if you want to be informed ask correct questions. all i saw is you make claims that are factually wrong and you are even accausing me of stuff. my second run as well as KB’s run that is also in that thread are done post patch. if your argument is that slaughter shaft without barrier takes best gear??? for what character does it not? show me a moze shaft run right now that uses some common gear. show me that for fl4k. what are you comparing zane’s abbility to? why shall he not use his most effective skill tree? or best guns? yet me and other players have done it just for the challenge’s sake.

Wait A sec. You are the OP of this thread. Isn’t this essentially the same thread you already did. Why not just merge the theads?

Hey if you want to do it for the challenge that’s fine. You do you man.

this thread is about non specific gear mayhem 3 play through man :smiley: you seem confused.

here we center around doing mayhem 3 content with zane without using single legendary or red text effect item in game like quest rewards and such. only basic guns shield nades.

the point being exactly that zane does not depend on absolutely any cruch legendaries to work in mayhem 3. take a few secs and check like 10 minutes of the vid where i clear atheans for example. just random shield random guns random nade and zane experience.

Nah You are right. I am confused. I thought this was the same thread as last time. It’s actually a challenge thread. You do you man.