Distance measuring Remaster

(Compulsive Reloader) #1

Does anyone else’s head hurt with the distance readout on the objective diamond in the Remaster?
‘M’ theoretically stands for meter, but it must be really something like Inconsistent Pandora Measure.
It either seems way too short or way too long. The Dahl Headlands is a great place to take a look, what it lists as, say , 600m to Mad Mel patrol seems be a heck of a lot longer than 600 meters.
I just did a little experimenting at the transition point to Treachers Landing.
I gauged my movement as 1 meter per forward per stick move (somewhat standard human step, and we all know Vault Hunters are taller than other people), and it took between 1 and 3 forward movements to change the distance indicator 1 M.
And yes, I also listened to footsteps, but that was even worse, erratic from one footfall per M to 3.5 footfalls per M.
Makes me crazy.

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(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2

I’ve only used the distance meter when gauging whether or not to take a turn when driving. Distance “very” far? No turn. Distance “close”? Probably turn. I’m not sure how much stock I’d put in the developers calibrating the step cues to actual distance changes though… lots of work to dial that in perfectly without a lot of return?

Unrelated - I forgot how much I love Dr. Ned’s DLC.

(Ask me about Jack Monkey Squat!) #3

If (IF) there’s a patch released, I’m really hoping that the distance thingy will be made optional.

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(How much time do we have?) #4

And the custom waypoint marker in the minimap fixed! (Hmm… I wonder if it being so dramatically off in terms of direction is a function of having minimap rotation on?)

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(Compulsive Reloader) #5

No, I have rotation off since on my old non-4k system it didn’t rotate smoothly which bothered me, so I turned it off. Haven’t turned it back on with the new systems.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #6

Oh good - thought it was just me.