Distributed denial testing and results

Hello fellow operatives,

i want to ask people with time on their hands to post results about distributed denials interaction with shields. please post interesting findings here so we can create a list.


  1. WTF shield effects do transfer over to the barrier.

  2. Black hole shield effect will go off when barrier is gone (expired) -therefore we can deduce that when barrier expires it is considered " a shield break" therefore every shield break effect should occur at the end of the action skill.

  3. anshin shield boosters or fortification boosters, that should drop when receiving dmg will drop from barrier when it gets hit.

  4. impaler shield-corrosive homing darts will launch of the barrier when it gets hit at same succession as from your body.

  5. AMP shields (pangolin with amplification roll)- barrier will not give you 50% dmg for shots passing through if you have pangolin shield with damage amplification on your body. as it stands it will only give you 25% dmg boost per shots passing through barrier. buffs are multiplicative but small. so the boost happens step by step if your gun does 100 dmg it will do 120 with the amp shot and 150 if you shoot through barrier while amp shot is ready. now that is better than 145 (20+25) but nothing too spectacular. basically barrier comes after all of your gun buffs and adds 25% to it.

  6. Barrier AMP on pick up- as numbers show when picked up barriers bonuses seem to take 50% penalty, for example 25% amp seems to become 12% when barrier is picked up.

  7. Stop gaps 5 sec safety margin will be active when barrier expires.

  8. Nova burner will go off twice, when barrier is deployed and when it runs out.

9.clone shooting through barrier will get amped damage, any artifact related dmg passing through barrier will be amplified. very good for spark plug.

basically it woks fine.


If i can help :
Tested on the WTF shield, it doesn’t drop explosives amplifier
Doesn’t share the “crouch barrier” on other players

the only i tested for the moment, i was dreaming about a kind of fun mayhem build with that… sadness made me reroll :sweat_smile:

okay question did you test as suggested. drop barrier and break your shield outside barrier. then look at barrier and see if wtf projectiles come out of it on a break. because barrier itself does not break therefore we know it can not replicate those kind of shield properties by just being shot.

WTF shield proc “on hit” , not “if depleted”

uhm yes i messed it up with how nova shields work. okay thanks for feedback.

I’ll make some tests later, i’ll give you more feedback on novas etc…

Did you also test if your shield gets hit while standing near the barrier with Wtf?

added few findings. sadly AMP damage is too hard to test without time and target dummy. i suppose it would not work because extra 20% always on is kind of a tiny mini bee shieldy but from description it should be working. for this test i will need low level gun and low level inert enemy. if someone can do it for me would be great deal of help. so far we know that barriers expiration counts as shield break and it will drop whatever booster packs or fortification packs your shield is supposed to drop on the same conditions as your shield.

You can spawn a vehicle in Sanctuary’s basement as a testdummy. I got a lowlevel rerouter. Will run some tests tomorrow

alraedy did it does not replicate amp dmg from shield. sad news hehe

how i tested: i got low level gun and went to low level area, first i registered the base dmg on body shot=26 then i checked amp dmg shot-31 (20% increase 26+20%) then i checked the same body shot through the barrier while amp shot was ready. 39 (31+25%) results are consistent buffs are multiplciatie and barrier will not amp you further for 20% each shot, even though it is considered as a full shield while it is up or at least before it gets hit it should be considered as such.
still reccommended for jacobs/torgue style mobbing, otherwise use stop-gap or transformer

or…rough rider if u rly wanna be that kid.

Btw, what’s the barrier amp if you pick it up? 20%?12,5?

well let’s calculate i will post in 10 mins but that would not mean all buffs are reduced by same percent (probably will be the case tho)

since game without console only gives me rounded numbers, when picked up barrier amp is reduced from 25% to what seems like 12% therefore nearly halving the bonuses it provides while on ground!

Do you know if DD works with additional effects on shields, such as Anointed bonuses, or various shield accessories, or does it only inherit the primary effect of a shield?

nope has to be tested. As far as i am concerned barrier is not coded as a shield. for example burner shield has to deploy nova twice when full and when depleted, however barrier does not do a nova when u throw it down, neither it goes off when it expires even though it should. Fairly inconsistent in that regard since for black hole it does go off when it expires.

It honestly seems like a pretty underwhelming capstone skill when you put it that way. It would be nice if it transferred all passive effects at their full amount so you can double up on shield bonuses, but idk. It definitely seems like it needs some reworking before it can be considered a staple pick for any Zane build, which can also be said about his other capstones too tbh.

Seeing red is great others are trashy sadly. Zane is plants viable without maxing out tho but hitman bonuses need big rework, I assume his reload and fire rate values are set so low because death follows close was bigger boost pre nerf or gbx just does not know basic math. 11% reload speed boosted by 25% is laughable

Yeah, fs, those numbers definitely need tweaking, but even Seein Red kind of sucks in the tree it’s in tbh. The skill that’s reliant on activating action skills constantly is in the tree with the action skill with the longest duration and cooldown. It would be really nice if it just left your kill skills active while your action skill is active, or at the very least, just buff the values on his kill skills so they aren’t so pitiful. Or if we could get a class mod that boosts death follows close, I could see why they’d be as reserved on the bonuses as they are.

i am plenty sure that is the exact reason, since there is specific meta class mod that will maybe only drop in UVHM 50 to 60 level cap increase which will allow zane to finally realize it’s potential. i have seen other classes find mid tier cap stone boost in their class mods, surely zane can boost death follows close as well.

Distribute Denial does also work with Stop Gap. Played around a bit with it, and an Under Cover build with Hitman seems to be quite a nice mobbing build (not really for bosses as you lack means to get your kill bonuses). Even without cold weapons survivability is great. As soon as barrier drops you get 5 seconds invulnerability and you can get the barrier cooldown down to 6-7 seconds, so there is only a 1-2 second window to be damaged from bullets.

yes some idiots are spamming redit about how distributed denial does not work at all for anything lol… it does work mostly in fact for anything but rerouter tbh

The reason why rerouter does not work must be barrier coded as full on deployment and depleted when time is up therefore it is never full in the window you can shoot through it and action skill up time is barrier “drainimg” which would make it impossible to even make one 145 amped shot. Even if you made it you would only get 1 shot and that is it. Sounds perfectly treasonable.