Disturbing El Dragon

I hate playing with/against a El Dragon. His animation is, for me at least, highly distracting how he bounces around. It looks ridiculous. Plus in PVE he jumps in front of ranged chars, smacking everything and everyone, getting most kills. Group from the right, he is there. Group from the left, in the blink of an eye he is suddenly there, bouncing around.

I wish i could take his /&%$/& silly crown and stick it where the sun doesnt shine.


Why do you care about the kills in pve? :x

Youre right. Alternatively we could just watch him play. :confused:

I find his animations fit a really silly cartoonish style, humorous.

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He reminds me so much of El Superbeasto… I wouldn’t be too suprised if he gets some sort of Tuxedo skin called “El Beasto” making it more obvious.

Anyway, I don’t have to much fun playing Melee characters, I just have a hard time… and he also has this Lore for the killing Blow on ISIC in the Algorithm.

It took me forever to get there and after that a matchmaking Error ocurred… so no Lore progress for me.

That fuels my hate for him, because it adds up to the bad El Dragons that I met in matches… both as Bad Allies and Capable Enemies.

So, even if I try to like him, there is so much going against him (for me, personal).

I could try again to Solo it, will take me forever again, but at least there haven’t been any errors since the update…

… I really don’t want to play this with my pals, cause if that stupid ISIC focuses on my mates, someones gonna steal the kill for sure.

I guess El Dragon and me won’t be friends any time soon.

I want to like him, I really do, he seems so strong. But I can’t, and I get killed by him comstantly. Especially against the best, where he runs in at 100 health and leaves with the same, while I’m 100 to 0d.

I try to convince myself in PVE matches that i am really good with melee classes. It looks totally different when i am playing one in PVP. I just cant.

When i see El Dragon suddenly the Benny Hill music starts to play in my head.

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do it solo on medium. I’m pretty terrible with him and was able to do it.

What. The. Hell. Have. You. Done?

Imagine a sped up benny hill when he ults and starts meleeing with some attack speed gear to punch in tune with the beat of benny hill…

The song is “Yakety Sax” FYI.