Disturbing Things You Forgot Existed in Borderlands 2

Ok… so we all know Shade is f–ked up.
How f–ked up?
Well… he lives in a little kiosk called “Kitty Kream.”
I forgot this was in the game and… it’s… wrong… on… so… many… levels…

I especially forgot about the little kitten just casually slapping the mommy cat underneath…

Just… so many… unanswered questions… about this…


I never noticed the kitten under it :joy:


Sometimes it’s better to leave all those questions unanswered. Walk away, mate! Walk away! :laughing:


If you go chat with Ms. Blayvis in that area near Kitty Kream, she’s got some hilarious lines… not sure they’re disturbing, but they’re pretty funny.

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The kitty kream sign is probably my favorite thing in the whole area.

A while back I spawned the janitor boss in the zombie headhunter for the first time. I had seen it on a vid before but I never remembered to try it myself so I went and did it. I remembered that you need to shoot specific pumpkinheads for it but I had forgotten the ring easter egg televisions that you also need to look at. They are kinda disturbing.

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I completely forgot about about how most of the characters in Sanctuary walk around wearing face masks.
And then I went out to get groceries. Yep. The similarity made me forget I wasn’t in game and things got awkward.


Hope you used an incendiary weapon to kill that virus :slight_smile: