DLC 1 VIP Tower loot room locked

i’ve killed the boss but didn’t see the room before i teleported out and now that im back there it’s closed and i can’t get in

Have you tried exiting the game,reload then fast travelling to VIP Tower work your way through to Jackbot and after killing him the room should open.

Yeah I’ve tried that but jackbot doesn’t respawn

I have the same issue. Just found a tip (haven’t tried it yet) but wanted to share if you’re still interested. Going forward in the game a little first, (he didn’t say how much) somehow resets an area so you can go back in and get Bosses to re-spawn. His tip was for BL3 in general and may not apply to the DLC missions. I probably should have tried it before I posted this but it may help with story Bosses even if it doesn’t for the DLC?