DLC 2 BUG mission party out of space

If you fast travel while doing the mission party out of space before you destroy the ratch nests it will make you unable to reboot the generator. So now I have to reset my tvhm. Because the generator will still be covered with the ratch nest and the acid will not melt it.

Just got this bug in Borderlands 3 you posted. You can join another persons game in progress to get past it. I got through it solo.
Stand in front of the generator (the thing covered in go the acid won’t eat) and enter photo mode. Take the camera behind the generator beneath the two arcing tesla coils and take the camera to the floor. Go out of camera mode while spamming the use key and you’ll press the generator to activate it thus bypassing the glitch. May have to reposition but basically your using the movement of coming out of the camera mode to clip through the generator and press the button. Hope this helps out.

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