Dlc 2 head drops

Where do these drop from? I’ve played the crap out of it and haven’t seen any of them?

realy? they drop from every damn thing you look at funny in the whole game…

cosmetics drops are so broken it’s not even funny…

World drops

Farm Statues.

I haven’t gotten a single new head to drop in the new dlc.


Mancubus activities, there are five in total.

Just go back and keep killing them? They’ll drop the heads directly?

Yes, no matter which one. They can drop heads and skins.

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Thanks for the info!

I finally got the Amara head to drop from a random trash mob. Don’t know if care if I have the rest.

that’s what I’m going for

how do you get the emote? Same as the heads/skins ?

Do you need to farm all the statues or can you just hit one of them?

One is enough.

Marry Me from last boss
Portal from portal monster - farm the one after Vincent

If I remember correctly, most of these drop as blues so they may not end up in the lost loot machine. I made sure to check the ground and picked them up when I saw it. They do fall pretty often.

I actually got it to drop from Xam as well if anybody is interested

play a bit more and keep this question in mind :wink:

you’ll be cursing cosmetic drops after a while :rofl: