DLC 2 legendaries need a serious buff

Let me start out by saying, I love how gearbox is giving old gear the well deserved buffs to keep up with the new featured weapons. Pretty much all the weapons from DLC 2 have been surpassed in damage and need a huge buff across the board. I’m pretty sure in time it will happen.

A couple honorable mentions that used to wreck and need a buff.

-Hydrafrost: Was definitely a fan favorite, the only weapon to deal 3 elements at once without a perk or buff. Also a +200% damage buff after a kill. If this gun received a buff as other guns have recently it would be meta instantly.

-Clairvoyance: From playing as Amara or Zane i used to get insane cryo damage from this gun. Now with Amara new purple skill tree with the cryo passives… Imagine the damage.

-Soul Render: Was never top tier but a very consistent assault rifle that comes in every element. the bonus skulls that the gun shoot does extra damage which always help.

-Oldridian: Cool feature how the element change on reload, not bad damage either. A Little buff would be nice on this gun.

-Seventh Sense: One of my favorite pistols and at one point was the strongest pistol in the game when DLC 2 was first released. This pistol was able to deal rocket launcher type damage. If this gun was buffed even a little bit it would be S tier again.

-Anarchy: Needs no introduction. This gun was the best gun in the game for half of BL3 existence, show the Anarchy some love gearbox.

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One of the coolest guns in the game. Definitely needs a damage buff in the near future.

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Needs another way to farm as well. It’s only available from the quest right? Resetting the game to farm that is annoying. Each DLC should have its own VRM, if not dedicated drops bosses.

Like how DLC 4 handled it with purple quest rewards and legendary drops. While the legendaries are better, until you get one, the purple allows you to see if it’s worth farming.

The Unseen Threat was also a personal favorite.
Pls buff.

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Anarchy is still good but not as godly as before but this could be to Mayhem 2.0 system. I won’t mind it buffing but isn’t it good already? What am I missing?

The oldridian was my favorite gun. Would do maliwan takedown with it on old m4. Now it is worthless

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It’s still solid I guess. I see it as a mid tier weapon. Doesn’t deal as much damage compared to newer weapons. Also the time it takes to get max damage isnt worth it anymore. It is easily outclassed and over looked now a days.

some of the guns you named need no buff however many others like insider do dlc 1 needs even more buffs in view of recent craps and than ion laser buffs it is not looking too bad but utter most are still hot garbage. ion laser needs less ammo consumption. cheap tips boomer heartbraker and slow hand all need big buffs creamer needs buff embers purge needs huge buff. auto aime still crap with recent buff… scoville needs buff or ammo cost reduction. nukem is good

as to dlc 2 almost all guns aside from anarchy cliarvoyance and skullmasher need buffs

frozen devil
unseen threat needs bullet dmg buff not spawn projectile buff that it received
cocky bastard needs base dmg buff
insider all these shotties need buff shocker less so but still worse than lob and shock locked
SF force-no one uses it
staurosis burn

i dno man like almost every gun needs a damn buff in dlc 1 and 2 and still ton more to go in vanilla.

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To your point, DLC1 should be free. It needs more buffs than anything. There are no meta or high tier weapons. I haven’t seen anyone use a DLC1 weapon since pre mayhem. I haven’t played it since its release. Hopefully they help those weapons out.

The damage isn’t even too bad on that one, the issue is that the self-damage is based on the item card, meaning high Mayhem variants will down even the most survivable build very quickly-

Repeating myself here but… Remove the damn anointments and balance ALL frigging weapons…

Unseen threat is useless because it can’t roll an anointment…

I don’t WANT anointments on it… I hate that anointments are meta in this damn game


anointments were the stupidest idea they had, how do you balance a game that the same gun can do 10k damage and one tick later 30k?


One off :joy:

The current mayhem and weapon scaling aren’t the brightest ideas either :joy::joy::joy:

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arms race has it’s own scaling which works surprisingly well

Yes, but they would be easier to balance if not for the anointments.
Anointments made everything else over complicated, they had the formula ready with TPS and BL2, they just had to improve it, but they added a new variable that completely destroyed everything they already had sorted out.

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we have to hope that arms race players are alpha testing a possible mechanics rework for the game.
That would recreate the trust I had in GBX

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i would not mind at all. but it also shows how broken good tediore can be when scaling is not harsh :d

The one thing I hated in BL3 was the weapon scaling :sweat_smile:

Moved up OP level, grind infinity, moved up OP level, grind infinity, …

Reach OP8 and start farming other legendary weapons :yum:

In BL3… Reach level 65, enable M10, whip out the fabricator and/or do some vendor runs and start farming…

Only somewhat challenging content is TMTD and even that is just a cakewalk… GTD is pretty much impossible to do solo (who ever came up with the crystal stage really hated solo players obviously)

Anointments where just a massive powercreep…

I can’t stop comparing this game to Diablo 3… They botched that game too but redeemed themselves (had to change pretty much the whole team to pull the game out of the ditch though)

But hey… Not going to bother hoping for this game to be fixed, ever…

The new DLC is a huge letdown (not that I had high hopes for it either way haha)

So yeah… I don’t think the devs even know how to fix the game

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I agree to this

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GTD is quite easy with the right character, Fl4k and Zane make the run extremely easy without any OP build (Fl4k using gamma burst and the classmod that makes the pet the focus, and Zane with clone).

I honestly have no challenge playing this game, there is nothing I haven’t done multiple times, only the GTD but as you said, it is more because it is frustrating since it is a long run and the drop rate for the legendaries are really low.
It is funny because they over reward legendaries everywhere that is a piece of cake (like base game bosses that you can almost insta kill), and the takedowns where you spend a lot of time, they under reward… BL2 had it right, normal content had a really low drop rate and raid bosses had guaranteed drop since it was a feat to defeat them.