DLC 2: Rakk Attack chrashes the game

Hi there. I have a very big complaint since I downloaded the new dlc.
It keeps constantly crashing. I figured out why: whenever I use Rakk Attack there is a very high chance that the game will crash.

And the game even chrashes for the host if you are playing coop.
Please fix this asap

Thank you

PS: Can anyone verify my problem?


Happened to me aswell. I submitted a ticket. Hope they will fix this issue

Seems like maybe the PC versions got hit the hardest with this update? I’m on xbox and me and a friend were both using Rakk Attack last night with no issues.

I will post my skilltree and my equipment in a few minutes. Maybe some wierd interactions?

This is my skilltree. I use the spiderant scorcher, Rakk Attack with Falconers Feast and Flock N Load.
My COM is the Rakk Pack. Shield is a Stop Gap with 50% Cryo on ASE. My Grenade is a Hex with 50% Fire on ASE. The guns I mainly used are a Maggie and an EM-P5. Both with the 100% more damage after Rakk Attack annointment.

I hope this might help.

Same thing happened to me, it was completely fine last night but this morning i cant even play the game. Its every time i use rakk attak no matter the situation it just crashes. Please fix this

Yip same thing happend to me. Used rakk attack at the graveyard and it crash. Am on ps4

I noticed that too. Most frequent crashes next to the graveyard… basically everytime I used Rakk Attack.
Also my cryshes just got worse and worse. I couldn´t even open my inventory without crashing.
My solution was to travel back to Sanctuary - everything was just as usual.


Wait, so traveling to Sanctuary fixed the issue with you?

Oh I guess I was not specific enough. Rakk Attack still sometimes crashes my game. Especially next to the graveyard but I feel like overall crashes were reduced. (not very scientific though)

But the issue that BL3 kept crashing just by going into my inventory etc. was solved by going to sanctuary once.

Same here i want a fix asap please gearbox

Are you guys using R4kk P4k? Because I played through the entire DLC with a non-standard Rakk Attack build and had no problems. Last night I got and equipped a R4kk P4k and now my game (or host’s game if I am in multiplayer) crashes when the skill is used.

In my case it only appears to be in certain maps and not every time, but enough to make the game unplayable on those maps. After finding this post earlier today I went to the Trial of Instinct (one of the maps that was crashing for me yesterday) and did a full run with St4ckbot equipped and it didn’t crash. I equipped R4kk P4k and it crashed the second time I used my action skill.

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So I did some research and the issues has been around for quite some time and on EVERY platform. @Gidgetimer is right, the bug is tied to the R4kk P4k Class mod. I also did some testruns to confirm this. I also opened a support ticket to put some “pressure” on Gearbox. It’s quite annoying since R4kk P4k Fl4k was my absolute favorite :frowning:

Interesting. I’ve had the same Rakk Pak equipped for a while, with no issue. But I can consistently crash the game if I use Rakk Attack while firing the Anarchy. If I had to guess, it’s something with the particle effects of the Rakk Attack Rakks doubling with the class mod, combined with the particle effects of the Anarchy(especially if Two Fang procs at the same time), and the particle effects of the Graveyard area. I can usually squeak out a few more minutes of game play if I turn my settings WAY down.

I’m having the same exact problem, I go through the main campaign of the dlc perfectly fine, but all of a sudden rakk attack crashes the game, but only in dlc 2 areas and only when I fight krich enemies. took me forever to figure out it was rakk attack causing the crashes, I haven’t tested it without r4kk p4k, but it seems likely. I notice the crash doesn’t actually happen till the rakks start to split into the new ones for me.

It’s crashing x-box, pretty irritating, have to change my whole build to play the DLC

It’s not just the rakk fl4k . Since downloading dlc and hotfixes last week I’m getting heavy crashes and never had issue before. Mainly on Amara phasegrasp/phasecast and also on Zane Stnl/barrier m4 mainly but have had it crash on 3 as well. Strangely it started happening after each character completed dlc story. Please fix gearbox it’s making noises upon crash that sound like it’s frying my Xbox. And yes I have felt system and it is not hot. Also went through the painstakingly slow process of deleting everything and redownloading it in case of corrupt file. Also done hard shut downs.

I’m not sure if this helps, but I’ve been playing all week with, PS4, no issues. When I finally retrieved my first R4kk P4k class mod it was working as usual for a while. However, this morning, my game has crashed twice after using the Rat Attack. I switched my class mod back to a Cosmic Stalker, and it has been working fine since. My tests weren’t extensive, but I had tried to complete the Trial of Instinct twice with it crashing near instantly. After changing the class mod, it worked fine. No hard reset on my PS4 or anything.

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