DLC 2 release date and time

Somebody know the correct release time for the 2ˇnd campaing DLC ? (Europe)


I was gonna ask. Will it come out exactly 12:01am March 26th PDT time? I cant remember when DLC1 came out exactly.

Front page has all the info

thursday evening most likely

I know the date (26), but when in hours (GMT+1 for me) ?

In Australia its the 27th not the 26th

CET it should be available around 17:00.

any news ?

What about the patch notes.

Hey, these things aren’t precise, and different platforms may vary. My guess is that it will roll out through the time zones over the course of today. Bear in mind that it’s currently about 2 in the morning in Dallas right now.

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I’m in the UK and it hasn’t arrived here yet. From what I remember of DLC1, we should be able to expect it at about 4pm GMT. Hopefully this time it will recognise the season pass right away and we will all be able to play it at once.

With the Moxxi DLC, it had appeared on PSN but the price was listed. I ended up accidentally paying for it twice and when I contacted Gearbox about it they never offered any form of compensation or reimbursement.

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Did you contact Sony?

No. Do you think that would have helped?


The DLC is available in my store

you on the ps4?

Yes I am on the ps4

strange i cant find it. maybe the update of the store is later where i live?

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found it. but when i click on it to go to the add ons of the game. the DLC is not there. probably will be online around 17:00 CET. same as last DLC.

I’m possibly more excited for the patch coming. C’mooon Fl4k’s pets!

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Add in the fix for IB´s hardpoints so both of them get perk bonuses and the 20% free grenade annoint.

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