DLC 3 Heads farm?

Is there a better place outside of the last boss of DLC 3 to farm the heads? Iv gotten every other cosmetic and I’m about 50+ runs now and haven’t seen a single head drop XD

I’ve gotten 4 from Ruiner and one as a random world drop.

I guess I am just super unlucky XD I think I’m going to start farming Flippers so i guess we will see if i get some world drops there.

They don’t drop often for me but they do drop - usually ones I don’t need :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:

I feel you. I’ve been farming the Ruiner for over a week now and he still hasn’t dropped the head, same goes for Wotan. I get everything else but the heads. What am I doing wrong?

Perhaps a sacrifice to RNGesus would be appropriate? :laughing:

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Wotan actually dose not drop character heads. His “Better half” has a small chance of dropping a wall decoration which is Wotan’s head XD.

Nearly a fortnight has gone and passed and I still have yet to find ANY of this DLC’s heads. I’ve tried everything from no Mayhem and Guardian Ranks to Mayhem 6, Guardian Ranks active and the loaded dice artifact.

It is strange this is about how rare most skin and head drops where in BL2 but BL3 had been very generous with well every kind of drop from room decorations to emots. In the Handsome Jackpot I got ths Make it Rain world drop emote for every VH during my initial run and 100% of that DLC. In DLC2 I had to farm the statue for like an hour and I got the two heads I missed on my initial run.

I wonder do these heads have a lower drop chance or is it just because there are more cosmetics in the DLC 3 crowding the loot pool.

I was on M10 farming Ruiner. I got all four and one extra Amara within about 2 hours. I would say that was good RNG.

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I would say so. I’m past 150 runs now and I check every piece every time beacuse I’m getting paranoid that I am missing something. I’m also selling everything that drops that I don’t want to keep so my lost loot dose not fill up incase one falls though the floor.

Maybe this is a dumb question but do the heads only drop in TVHM? I did the DLC with a friend and we where playing on normal at the time. So that is where I have been farming.

That sounds like really bad RNG. No clue about TVHM but I would guess that doesn’t matter. Maybe the drop rates have changed?

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Maybe I am a vast minority and just getting really bad luck here. I guess I will start doing it in TVHM and hope that I see some of the drops along the way.