DLC 3 - outlaws and dinosaurs?

So, they’ve released this concept art for B3 DLC3:

and the only thing we know is that it features “outlaws and dinosaurs”.

Sounds awesome to me. Looks like there’s going to be some enemies riding dinosaurs, and I’m really hoping that we get dinosaur vehicles/mounts to ride, even if it’s only in the DLC areas. That’d be so epic.
I also hope there will be gun-jousting - two riders charging towards each other, trying to shoot their opponent off their mount - in some form, as that’s the feeling I get from the image, and watching enemies gun-joust against each other (or actually gun-jousting too), would be awesome!


To whom do I make out the check?


It’s certainly an intriguing piece of concept art. I wonder if Clay will be involved in this one? He would seem like a good fit character-wise.


Since Pippie is a tamed Saurian (hence an arguable proof that they can be domesticated), I was wondering why we never saw anyone riding the bigger species in the main game. Especially since they are in fact in a few concept arts:

sauriani bozze2

Also, since the Broken Hearts Day event was a tease/introduction to the second DLC, I wonder if the same will be true for the Revenge of the Cartels seasonal event (seeing as we’re dealing with Eden-6 outlaws/smugglers/Clay).

Also also, I wonder where it’ll be set: Eden-6 seems like a no-brainer, but perhaps it’ll include some other locations as well (especially if if the theme is contrabanding); Clay and Zane once met for an operation on Junpai-7, after all :wink:


Wouldn’t be surprised if it would revolve around Clay, but I think we shouldn’t forget about Nisha either, the Sheriff of Lynchwood.

Isn’t she dead?


Sadly, she died in B2, during a side mission. Can’t see how they’d bring her back without stating that side missions are NOT canon, which would mess up a lot of things.
Having said that, she would have been great, so maybe a relative of hers (a loophole like Timothy being an excuse to play as Jack) could make an appearance? Who knows?

Yep, totally forgot about that (I know, how can you forget such a thing, but it happened). Been a while since I played BL2. But would have been nice to see her as a villain or something.

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Lynchwood was a really fun map in BL2 and their side quests were really cool too. Thinking that we’re going to get a DLC sized experience like that is awesome.

Yes please.


We finally get to go to Maurice 's planet!!!
(Surely Maurice is involved in this somehow?)


You know this can be apart of getting new skills trees with fl4k getting a new pet dino that they can ride into battle with.


Personal best guess for DLC 3 is Clay (maybe return of GenIVIV if she doesn’t reappear in Guns Love and Tentacles) or Mordecai oriented, maybe return of Salvador (most likely) or Axton (less likely) on this one, and possibly a heavy lean on the “Cartels” that are being introduced/referenced in the next limited time event.

And a 4th tree for Fl4k with a saurian pet.

Fingers crossed that we’ll finally see Junpai-7 as it’s been on the planet menu for a good long while.


pretty nifty that the broken hearts day final reward was a Jakobs sniper, Wedding Invitation lol.


i’m personally really really interested in the Lovecraftian wedding, much more than Moxxi’s Heist tbh. and probably more than “outlaws and dinosaurs” cuz for me Wainwright and Hammerlock we’re probably my favorite part of the base game storyline. (also cuz I’m gonna start a Gaige run on BL2 now that I have the handsome jack collection)

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Yeah, someone even called out early the possibility of a connection (while I dismissed it): I now bow down to their foresight.

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My random thoughts

Outlaws and Dinosaurs
Bunkers and Badasses
Dungeons and Dragons
Bunnies and Burrows

The 4th entry generally only comes out when the DM has had enough of our crap and cant take it anymore… >.>

Or maybe they’ll spoof Cadillacs and Dinosaurs


As long as I get to ride a dino and shoot folks, I’m for it.

Hope to also get a dino head because why not


Hey as long as we get more Jakobs guns and dinosaur rides, I’m down for it.


Some small news: Erik Doescher has confirmed on Instagram that he’s the author of that art piece, and that it’s actually part of a storyboard.

So, I guess it’s pretty safe to assume that we’ll see that same scene in a cutscene of some sort in the DLC.


Hey, do you want a dumb theory?

So, as it’s been mentioned by a few here, Gearbox has been teasing Junpai-7 for a while now, even in relation to Clay, who’s most likely going to appear in this DLC.

And, again, some people mentioned that the Broken Hearts Day event was a preparation to DLC 2, so the cartel seasonal event might tease DLC 3 in some way.

Well, new event images have surfaced, and look at this:

This picture was almost certainly taken inside the event’s new area (basically the new equivalent of Heck).

Well, those framed pictures in the background are sure full of palms, aren’t they?

And Hammerlock said that Junpai-7’s an oceanic planet of some sort.

Mmmhhh :thinking:

EDIT: Also, may I add that in the Handsome Jackpot they repetedly repurposed official concept art (of Eden-6, Pandora, DLC 1 etc.) as framed pictures? Who knows, maybe this could be a similar case…