"DLC 3 & The 30th Hero Release Today" Errors?

Beatrix is not “FREE” and there are only two DLC’s after DLC 3.

Debatable. If I’m not paying money, I consider it free. And of course they’ll err on the side most attractive to us

I can’t find where they advertise 3+

Do typos or such really matter that much? Like, is this worth posting about?


As you say, “they’ll err.”

In the section on the Battle School, second paragraph, “the next three Story Operations.”

Yes it’s worth posting about because they’re incorrect about what they are selling.

Sorry, this is probably obvious but where is this specific text we’re talking about? I can’t find it.

Beatrix IS free if you have the ingame credits.
It’s not like it’s behind Platinum and SP exclusively.


Where exactly is this announcement posted? Not seeing it in the forums (then again, I left my reading glasses at home :dukefp:)

I want to start off by saying that I have a lot of respect for you, Grey Warden, based on your posts, but I take issue with this:

  1. Beatrix was never advertised as being “free”, nor where the other 5 DLC BB. You can unlock them by either owning the Season Pass OR spending 47,500 in-game credits. This has been mentioned numerous times in various places, including the BB wiki.
  2. You’re being overly pedantic here. It was a typographical error and you should have mentioned this in the thread you noticed the error instead of making a new topic about it.

they stated countless times that there will be 5 DLCs in total.

Sorry if I went about this the wrong way, just thought they’d like to make corrections as soon as possible. That’s why I put a “?” in the title.

I think the use of the word “FREE” is misleading, but that’s just my opinion.

I searched for an existing thread on this topic and could not find one. Mea culpa.

Whether or not saying there are three more Story Ops after Battle School was a typo, I didn’t mean to be negative, just thought they’d like to fix it.

Ah, I see what happened. They copied that second paragraph from the previous news regarding Toby’s DLC, and added in OM’s Battle School but forgot to correct the “next three” to “next two.”

Just an error, nothing more. Even if it’s not fixed, I don’t think it’s too big of a deal.

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Do you need to pay hard currency to get Beatrix? No. Ergo, she’s free.


Beatrix is 100% free

All the heroes have been free right? I mean if you are grinding credits they are free. Technically nothing is free there is always the cost of your time and if you have season pass then you already paid to unlock them instantly. so yes I would expect them to not charge again for the hero. Either way I don’t think many people will be confused by this.


Anyone else getting frame lag on the new Ops mission when you play as a Melee character?

not at all- ps4 here. what’s your console?

Xbox one, I tried the regular story missions and the other 2 ops mission and they ran fine

Haven’t played melee, but I’ve not noticed any problems on XB1 with OM, Beatrix, or Ghalt. There was a fair amount of melee involved even with those because of the side-quest.

Do the melee characters you use have some kind of visual FX associated with their melee attacks? Maybe what you’re seeing is a side effect of the higher default frame rate and the revised animations for pretty much everybody. You could test that out easily enough by going into the game options: you can revert back to 30 FPS, and/or change the FX settings now.

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Noticed it with Rath and El Dragon, Tried it on split screen and same thing, and i know split screen runs at 30 FPS.

OK, so try turning down the FX settings that just got added. If I get a chance, I’ll try one of those characters out on my system as well (although I don’t usually play melee characters because I’m even worse playing them than the ones with guns :frowning: )