DLC 3 "Typhon Log" chests

I’ve found 2 of these so far and I have NO clue how to open them. I’m guessing I either need to talk to someone I haven’t yet or find something else first. Anybody kindly want to clue me in??

There are little hidden altars (looks like a small end table with an open book on it) hidden throughout the map, the same way Typhon’s logs were. When you find and listen to them all on any given map, that chest will unlock. They have a different story to them about some other dude in this storyline.

To be fair, I haven’t actually unlocked one myself, but if they changed the mechanic but used the exact same chest/journal meta, that would be weird.

Ahhh so I have to find more of those elusive things! Make sense. I’ve found exactly 1, in Vestige at that…


There are two per map. It’s harder to find them than Crew Challenges from base game, cause the discover radius is smaller.

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