DLC 3 weapon trinkets still bugged [update in replies]

I kept an extra Battle Driver and Devil Tooth in my bank until I saw the latest patch notes: “Addressed a reported concern where weapon trinkets would disappear from the collection after relaunching the game in the Bounty of Blood campaign add-on”. So I went to claim them, and yet they still disappeared on me after quitting the game completely and opening again.

The Devil Tooth is especially egregious since it’s rewarded for completing all the Skin to Win hunts. You have to do them all over again on a different playthrough or character. This will have to be my third time if I really want it.

…and while we’re at it, the vanished Vapor Hoodlum trinket from a couple months back is also still unaccounted for.


Utterly shameful.

Yes, on PS4, Battle Driver and Devil’s Tooth are still bugged. However Vapor Hoodlum finally sticks.

The trinkets on Xbone also still dissapears and also the worm emote.


I sent a ticket to 2K support not long after making this post. Long story short, the best they could do was to send me 15 golden keys… which by the way I didn’t even get in my mail. Though by this point I didn’t care anymore as it has been several days and a number of exchanges since I first reached out.

Their exact words were “loot drops or mission rewards lost during gameplay are unfortunately not recoverable”. So I suppose the matter is considered closed to them. At the very least, I hope the dev team are aware that this bug still exists and are looking into it.

Truly bummed about Vapor Hoodlum tbh. I really like it. Across all 4 of my characters I only have it equipped on one gun slot so I guess I’m never taking it off.

If you’re on PS4, I can send you a copy of Vapor Hoodlum.

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Oh yes please and thanks, PSN is jouhei, I’m on right now

Wow, what a garbage response. Check in weeks after dlc release and not only is this not fixed, but the final boss of the dlc still crashes the game.

Looks like to everyone unfortunate enough to have encountered this error on Gearbox’s part is out of luck with those trinkets being gone unless they want to go through the effort of redoing everything just to get them back.

Battle Driver works now does the tooth?

Yes, all the trinkets are fixed now.

All? Which other was fixed??

You mean, they are fixed for Play Station? I know they are for PC, but I don’t know about the PS.

All weapon trinkets are working correctly on PS4 now.


Anyone got extra vapor hoodlum trinket? Would be cool to make it stick on the trinket menu. My psn is wampo666

I’ll check it today. Have spares in bank from BoB. Also the Vapor one, but I doubt it’s fixed.

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I did a quick test and indeed looks like all three trinkets are fine now on PS4.

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Anyone still have extras they are willing to part with (vapor hoodlum and dlc3 trinkets) that I could friend/add for them? They can just be mailed right?

I can hook you up and yes they can be mailed.

Thank you! Much appreciated.

No problem, you’re welcome