DLC 3 weapons WILDLY powerful

Of course the power creep continues. So many DLC weapons just from videos out already are VASTLY better than 85% of the other guns. Can’t say I’m surprised or even disappointed tbh.

No worries, they’ll all be nerfed.


let’s hope not. Nerfs are old.


I hope they nerf Iron Bear some more


They’ll be nerfed in 2 weeks, followed by a couple of farming events, followed with a patch, update, or other event that adds new more OP weapons which will be nerfed 2 weeks after they are released, followed with a couple of farming events, followed with a 3 level increase to your character, and on and on.



Gearbox has lost sight of what made Borderlands so much fun. So they bait you with cool weapons, you feel powerful for a couple weeks, then they nerf the new guns to hell, make a random nonsensical farming event for a bland gun skin, then repeat.

And remember, no new characters, ever.

They forgot the magic.


As always. I can only think of a handful of DLC weapons that sucked when they first released.

I’m done if they continue this cycle of nerfing ■■■■ after releasing new content. Its obnoxious and they should be testing ■■■■ first.

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Not this crap again :frowning:

I’ve been so hanging out for this patch so that I could start using something other than the NoPewPew, OPQ & Yellowcake again. Looks like they’re just going to be replaced by another small handful of OP weapons.

So are any of the pistols, shotguns, non-Vladof ARs that they buffed even viable yet, or they have they just been eclipsed by the new stuff?

Oh well, at least I can just go back to my melee build I suppose…