DLC 3 Wish-list

Here’s my wishlist for DLC 3, “Outlaws and Dinosaurs”. Obviously I’m 100% sure that not everything on this list is gonna make it into the game, but even if only a few things did, I’d be one happy person!

  • ENEMIES: New creatures (quadrupedal saurians, for example), perhaps a couple of completely new creature categories like in DLC #2; 4 new bosses; new chubbies/rare enemy variants; an intriguing antagonist, perhaps kind of a frenemy like Scarlett; maybe an old school raid boss?

  • LOCATIONS: 6/7 maps on Pandora, Eden-6 and Junpai-7, as a tropical/oceanic planet similar to Joey’s one; one underground/cave map; maybe a small arena? Or a final armory of sorts?

  • CHARACTERS: Clay and the Rogues (agent Double D, Domino); Captain Scarlett; Salvador; maybe a Fiona mention?

  • GEAR: I don’t have any wish in particular, perhaps a few more Atlas guns? More completely new weapons (not returning ones); red text weapons with original skins (stop slapping the Lime Green skin on everything); maybe the Pimpernel?

  • OTHER: New unlockable weapon skins; more room decorations that are boss trophies (like their heads/weapons); one new vehicle, or more vehicle parts for the existing ones; a saurian-riding segment; either have playable characters inside cutscenes or NPCs acting differently based on your character; a new Aero Max mission.

What are YOU looking forward to in the next campaign expansion?


slaughter and dinosaur raid boss :crossed_fingers:


i fockin died when i read about the lime skins. Yeah these last legendaries may be broken but its pretty clear the skins are from Earl. Like, cmon, art team!!

My only wish for this DLC is sally. “dinosaurs and OUTLAWS”. If this is a western themed DLC, which i hope cause i LOVE lynchwood, salvador would hit the nail perfectly.

Speaking of lynchwood, i hope to see some trains in the maps, if they are indeed west themed.

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raid boss i have a feeling well be having clay as a main mission guy

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The new planet uses dinosaurs as a mkde of travel, and we can rkde them too.

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I’m hoping for some new saurian enemy types with less clunky design and more variations like four-legged and flying ones. I want to see some big monsters.
Some new challenges to unlock new heads and skins would be nice, a new vehicle and of course a raid boss.

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PLEASE GOD NO atleast buff atlas weapons if you do this :fearful:

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I just want Athena in it (or next one).


An actual engaging story with good writing, new weapons and gear that don’t ■■■■ the ■■■■ out of balance, classic raid boss, and no dick riding old BL2 characters like how they did with Torgue/Tina/Brick.

It’s a lot to ask for and Gearbox probably aren’t going to deliver just like the last two DLCs that had no endgame additions, mixed gear where we got weapons like the ION CANNON then got ■■■■ like the boomer/golden rule in the same DLC, and laughably weak story lines/characters.

part 3 of the DLC missions involving that rocket dude from the casino


Raid Boss.

Weapon crafting. Maybe using a new currency obtained by killing said raid boss.

More dinosaurs with frickin lasers on their frickin heads.


Scaled drops would be pretty neat. :joy:


Being able to tell what mm level your weapon IS would be sweet.

I understand that, since there are way more weapons in this game compared to previous ones, they can’t make unique skins for each one of them. But come on, that’on at least four guns now! The Melt-facer and Flux look completely the same.

Indeed, I’m really curious about how they’ll express this theme, especially compared to Lynchwood and other previous interpretations.

Fingers extremely crossed!

I love Athena, and for that…I kinda want her to stay as far away from this game as possible. I’m really concerned about what they might do with her.

Well, it’s not 100% DLC related, but I do wonder how far they’ll be with the Mayhem balances (phase 1/2) by the time it drops.


Well, I have the same fears.


theres no doubt in my mind they’ll do that lololol

but yea, weapon skins need some more love. we havent had a new one in so long