DLC 4 : Boss healthpool

What the actual F*CK happened here?

Did you add one additionnal zero at the end by accident?

I’m not even at the end of the DLC, but all the boss were freaking nightmare.

1st boss : Litterally no strategy, just big chunks of health that will healthgate you for no reason
2d boss : Not an uninteresting fight, but you also get healthgated for no reason sometimes, and she has a colossal amount of hp considering she keep jumping
3d boss : What the heck? The fight is boring to extreme, and it took me something like 20 minute to finally finish his insane healthpool (I’ll admit I might not have the best build to deal with boss, but he has at least 10 time the health of usual boss)


And you haven’t even seen the final boss. Similarly boring and even more health.


Same issue with me. I’ve backed down from M10 to M2, trying M6 and M4 along the way. If I have to pump 500 rounds into a non-boss then somethings wrong. I spent a good 35 mins last night just to beat the damn train!!! Just adding health to bosses isn’t the answer.

I too probably don’t have the best builds but I’m using my FL4K Fade Away and Gamma Burst along with weapons/gear that have favorable annointments for max damage, but it still takes waaaaaay too long to down the bosses.

At least the train was original and moved around at light speed, but the bosses before that were simply more stationary sponges.

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Hmmm, didn’t want to hear that. I think I’m coming up on the final boss tonight. I need to get my other 3 VH’s leveled up to see if it’s just my FL4K that’s causing me so many issues.

lol guic it is fine just abuse few op weapons anoints and interactions to instagib them what is the big fuss hurr durr

I don’t recognize them by sequence… who are these guys? Have dropped several bosses but am not sure how far through the campaign I am. Moze is maining a (now underleveled) Bone Shredder and Burzum at MM4, and isn’t having a terrible time? She’s got a Lyuda and Vred in her other slots for FFYL duties (or fun; nailing Surveyors with the Big Boy rocket is a hoot). She is all up in the Bottomless Mags tree and knows how to milk those skills so she never actually consumes ammo though.

SpongeBoss NoChance took a while, but mostly because I was scared to engage him directly, so I kited him around remotely from a distant high point, picking him off at leisure. I defeated Evil Lilith, Locomobius, and that one Hyperion mad scientist, and I think those were the last bosses I fought? I take it there’s more?

For me all of them were quite easy tbh. All my gear is still level 60 and I use a flipper with consecutive hits and a mind sweeper com on moze.

But realized that spongeboss has way to much live though… Would never get him with my fl4k…

My complaint is that with the Signal to noise ratio challenge the amount of time to shoot all the signals is too tight. Some of them I have spent 15 minutes or more trying to get them all before they dissapear, then give up because I get frustrated at it.

Yeah, the fights themselves are fine, but health is too high.

Final boss in 6 shots. (I won’t link the video because spoilers). It is in the video section.

I am only past the second boss.
Before that section, I ran into what I would call a rare spawn, a Level 68 Goliath. Talk about HP! If I was not using FL4K I would have run out of almost all ammo finally killing this guy. At first I wasn’t even sure I was doing any damage.
Got tiring after a while but for me the most interesting part of the DLC so far.
I hope it gets better, but I just do not have the vibes I got from the prior DLC.

After about 11 attempts at the Final Boss, usually getting through to the last phase each time, I gave up on MH10 and just turned MH off.

None of the rest of the DLC was any issue on MH10 at all.

I did the DLC at M-8 instead of M-10 because I was expecting this, and was not disappointed in my expectation.

Too much health and not enough challenge. The final battle epitomized that, took forever and all the ammo from AR, SMG, and Pistol pools (including whatever I pick dup along the way) to finally kill it, and during the entire battle my health bar was never touched, my shield got lowered but no damage beyond that.

Tedious with no risk, not my favorite. And I dunno about others, but I haven’t seen anything drop that I used or will use. Heck, my lvl 57 O.P.Q. is still killing most lvl 65 things.

Ah well.

I didn’t have any problem with the bosses regarding health (except the common 1 shots).

I got a lvl 65 Gamma Burst anointed Hellwalker in the first red chest of the DLC and I steamrolled it with my Fl4k.

I liked that the bosses take more than 1 shot to kill for a change, but I agree that it’s infuriating how easy they down you (lick the wounds FTW).

What I am hearing is ‘Boss2hard nerf nerf nerf’

What will you all do if GBX put in some actual raid bosses a lá BL2 :rofl:

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Boss aren’t hard, merely bullet spongy. Love and tentacle boss were interesting and challenging, those boss are merely huge bullet sponge

Didn’t feel that hard to me on MH10…Only died fighting the Final Boss and that was because i wasn’t paying attention and ended up falling off the platform while I had him to around 25% health.

But lol @ the final boss not being targeted by the clone in the 2nd stage and people were complaining about it…Still an easy fight with good gear.

I’m surprised you’re reading that.
If you have read my post (maybe it didn’t show up in your timeline for some reason) I “complained” about the tediousness of the fights, NOT the difficulty. I specifically mentioned the last boss and how it never took my shield all the way down (at M-8) and all I was doing was running around shooting without any risk. Particularly when he goes into giant mode and stands still, I stood still also, and it was just a matter of pumping bullets into him for way too many minutes .

It’s not difficulty that most of us are talking about, but the nature of the fights being less than interesting.


Shrugs* Bosses fights should take some time, so I was not particularly bothered by any of them in m10.I was not using meta weapons either, heck I did the first ones with a darned Monocle, so there s probably a lot of room to improve clear time. It s not like those ridiculous 2s clear video should be the norm.


K. Noted. Sorry I misinterpreted you chap.

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