DLC 4 Drop Rates are highkey unacceptable

It was probably the most unrewarding DLC released . Im not sure how we’ve fallen so far from the PERFECT drop rates that were in jackpot dlc. The bosses in DLC4 OFTEN drop ZERO loot. Im not even complaining about designated drops. Even world drops are sparse in this DLC. Mobs don’t drop anything. It’s despicable and


That’s weird - I’ve had a slew of world and dedicated drops (at MM4) across that entire DLC across all four of my playthroughs so far. Like I think the only boss who didn’t drop any Legendary gear was SpongeBoss BulletPants the one time I killed him.

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I had a different problem: most dlc weapons have 2 versions: one mediocre that is purple and not anointable and a better version legendary and anointable ( exemples: bandit and sage, pat mk2 and mk3…).

Now purple versions are supposed to be quest rewards, except that the large majority of quests (I did all of them) did not reward weapons, it seems to be yet another bug as according to Lootlemon some of those quests were supposed to reward purple weapons. Even when it worked properly it was complete fail : I already had the legendary Pat mk3 when I was rewarded the shabby unanointed purple Pat mk2, same thing with the legendary Sage as I discovered purple Bandit later on as a world drop.

The idea of having 2 versions of the same weapon is a nice nod to Krieg double personality, however not differencing them otherwise than with quality is a bad idea leading to idiotic situations , plus bugged quests to top it.

Others than that the drops are fine in my experience, they are on par with base game and not batshit insane rate to be nerfed later like Love gun and tentacle debut

What ?! 10min ago, 1 ennemy give me 6 legendaries on this dlc ^^ And it wasn’t a boss. If you’re playing on the easy way you can’t get this kind of thing ^^ Let’s play Mayhem 10aahahaha

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Droprates are high for me, but only for the usual vanilla game crap. It’s so obvious they copied and pasted all the mob enemies in as they drop the same old stuff you can get much faster in a single round of the slaughter shaft - which is where the game has been from the start. Actual DLC gear is stingy as hell for me - which is obviously what everyone is looking for.

Ahahah, first try and i get the peregrine ^^

That might explain the reports of DLC1 drops from loaders.
I cant confirm if the reports are true or not though.

Yeah, some loaders are definitely incorrectly coded to drop dlc1 loot. I’m also pretty sure that only bosses and named enemies are dropping dlc4 loot. Every single chest/enemy drop has been vanilla.

I ve seen it too it’s rather hilarious to get Moxxi weapons and Boomer smg in Krieg memory, or as Krieg would say “I have cows in my Bunga” :joy:


I went through DLC4 and got 13 falling star shields and 1 blind sage, a critical, and loveable rogue by the end of it…

It’s not just DLC4.

I’ve had truly terrible Drop Rates / Anoints across all content since the drop of DLC4. Since I hit 65, the only usable gun I’ve found has been a Con Hits Light Show.

I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve farmed up over 600 Million in Cash while trying to find guns to make some of the DLC4 bosses easier, and Im quickly losing steam in the desire to keep playing.


Aaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa :astonished:
Now I understand that, thx

With zane and especially his clone it’s very annoying to fight the dlc4 endboss. Clone doesn’t attack him in second phase.
Facepunch amara can only one hit the first phase of the endboss, in the second phase you can’t hit him with action skill so it takes 20-30 seconds.
And with big head mode you can’t loot afterwards or talk to krieg because of his head.

Oh and don’t slide through an telezapper, on ps4 the game freezes, same for DLC 3 telezapper.

Those are the bugs I’ve mentioned.

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Yep, raining gold for me on m10

There is more :homing attack like plaguebearer shots don t work properly on Psychoreaver second phase

I don’t know if it’s a bug but I hit crits by shooting his balls. Seems like a crit spot to me :laughing:

While playing as amara it happened very often that enemies only drop ammo green and whites, but only when they got killed through an action skill like ttb, indiscriminate, remnant, even that orb with overkill dmg. Forgot the name :sweat_smile:

Anyone else felt like this?

I found it disappointing too.I’m on Mayhem 10, and it looks like the loot pool has been watered down across all DLC’s.

Just killed the boss at Crater’s Edge about 10 times and 95% of the loot I’m getting is from the base game. Really makes the game suck.

Mobs frequently dropped legendaries, got many dlc exclusives (P.A.T. III was incredibly common). The dedicated drops was a different story, the lovable rogue very common, blood starved beast 3 hours of farming for one, it kinda feels like some are simply set too low than others for no good reason, a hotflix is probably already coming.

i seen loads of the rogue and critical drop from certain boss, but i found beast alot rarer drop if you get my drift

Lilith for how annoying she is to kill has on many occasions dropped nothing but greens, and on one occasion 3 whites. That shouldn’t happen.


ah yeah i get you, farmed her abit and like 3/10 times had no orange drop and mostly money it seems