DLC 4 Drop Rates are highkey unacceptable

Oh its not just me

So with DLC 4 loaders dropping DLC 1 gear, what would happen if you did not own DLC 1?

Honestly I dont look on the world drops anymore if it’s not an artifact or a com. On M10 it’s easy to see because all guns and shields are anointed. The DLC4 dropped me kind of OK stuff (coms not included). Coms are too rare in this DLC. Had about 10 in total and farmed Evil Lilith and the Endboss with the forgetable name already for hours and hours. Got over 75 Sacred beasts and Promt Crits already but the coms…

She dropped more cosmetics than gear for me, I think I got a vest majority for them from her only

So, I went ahead and Killed Ruiner and Psychoreaver 50 times each for comparison, I timed them, counted loot.

Same character
Same Build
Same weapon

Moze W/ Incendiary Consecutive Hits Flipper, Mind Sweeper, OGT anointed Recurring tracker.

Average time to kill: 10.23 seconds.
Average number of legendary drops 3.791
Max Time to Kill: 14.92 seconds
Shortest time to Kill: 4.76 seconds.

Average to to kill: 2 minutes 13.72 seconds
Average Number of legendary drops 1.1
Max time to kill: 3 minutes 49 seconds
Shortest time to kill: 1 minute 33 seconds.

Now, I’m not against the overall longer boss fights in DLC4.


They need to be worth doing. And right now, they’re not. 14 out of 50 kills on Psychoreaver, my only legendary drop was an emote, skin, room decoration, or echo theme.

28%. Is too high, when thats the ONLY drop.

Sure, you could argue that PsychoReaver opens the Vaulthalla run, but. As of yet, I have not pulled a DLC4 legendary out of a chest in the vault.

Bad luck? Designed that way? Don’t know. But at present, I’m finding the replayability of DLC4 to be nonexistent.

Play it, get your 100% and don’t go back. None of the guns are so good that you just “have” to get them, and drop rates are too low to make it an endeavor worth pursuing

Don’t get me wrong, the story was fun, the challenge was nice, but at present, I’m just going to farm Minosaur and Ruiner to get back to optimal gearing.

There just isn’t an incentive to farm DLC4.

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I agree. The dedicated drop rates are abysmal. I just killed evil lilth 25 times in a row and she still hasn’t dropped the hungering beast. This is definitely the worst dlc of the bunch. You can tell they phoned it in.


I see no reason to farm vaulthalla. I wish at least the drops wouldn’t disappear but instead fall on the ground like loot from the golden chest or vending machines.

And somehow Im not able to get access to the back room of vaulthalla. There are 11 symbols to shoot? I believe I found them all but after 3 times I gave it up…

I think there might actually be 12? They seem to come in threes. There are already several video guides showing the locations. Note that you can defeat the boss, FT back to the map start, and then take them all at your leisure (apart from the section on a timer, but even that is pretty generous once you know where to go).

I can confirm this on PC. I got a DLC1 drop from a loader last night. I was (pleasantly) surprised.

There are 12 symbols, 3 in each section. The final chest room has 3 in it, but the last one took me over 20 minutes to find!

There is actually a SECOND secret room IN the secret room, but I haven’t figured out how to open it yet and don’t want to look it up. I’ll figure it out eventually haha!

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The drop rates seemed fine during playthrough of DLC4 on m10 but the drop rates drastically went down for me when I go back to farm items.

For me, Evil Lilith only drops 1 or 2 legendaries and half the time I get 0 legendary drops, just random vanilla blues and maybe a purple. Honestly, it just feels like a waste of time farming in this game anymore considering how littered the loot pools are with crappy gear and crappier anointments.

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I would love to try out the bloodstarved beast with my Main Moze Build.

But with drop rates the way they are? No way. It’ll be worse than farming a Kaoson.

I need to farm a gun that’s

x3 (because this comes in 1, 2, AND 3!)
Fully Auto


Get the right anoint.

From the time the Kaoson was added to the game, until DLC4 dropped, I saw exactly 1 Full Auto Kason with Consecutive Hits.

Insanity to think that with the way Lillith is dropping gear that I’ll ever see one.



I was able to get 3 Bloodstarved Beasts from Lilith but it did take over 2 hours to get them and none of them had a decent anointment. Pretty worthless … if you are on pc, you can have them if you like.

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I’m going to have to agree- DLC 4 drops seem to me to be skewed compared to DLC 1/2/3. Besides, funny enough, Class Mods.

Yup class mods drop very consistently

15 plus kills on dr. benedict, lotta star shields
but no convergence shotguns. :frowning:

Man, they really still can’t get the effort vs reward right.

Nope. PS4.

And then, today, we get an announcement that: People complained about the hotfixes, so we’re going to hotfix less.

Cool. Awesome. After I finish getting 100% on DLC4, I literally have zero reason to go back there then. The first play through is great, but as is, it’s not replayable. And… You’re not going to hotfix it, because… What? people cried because they forgot to wait at the launch screen long enough to get the buffs?

Please tell me this is a joke, and that this isn’t the actual plan moving forward.

Got a 100 SNTL cryo as a drop from evil lilith a few days ago.

If you’re interested in that I can share it with you. I’m on the ps4.