Dlc 4 glitch. Can't play

When I went to sanctuary, the mission pickup was there. When I started the mission Tannis wasn´t talking, her mouth was moving but neither the sound nor the subtitles cathced anything. Also, when I try to select the planet it´s not in the selection menu. I tried closing the game and doing the mission with another character but it didn´t help.
Pls help me :frowning:

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I have the same issue. When I first got the quest the audio notification for Tannis popped up for a sec with no audio, and the quest prompted me to travel. But, when I tried to there was no option for krieg’s mind.

Samee, The only thing that Tannis says is “take a look at that crystal” and that´s it. did you found a way to fix it?

Hey I was looking the Fourms and found another post with the same issue. They solved it by manually uninstalling the Dlc. If you use Epic Launcher you can do this on the manage addons option