DLC 4 - I don't get it

Putting this here because I’m only concerned with Zane.

Am I missing something? It was fine in terms of visuals, but I experienced horrific drop rates and even the reviews don’t seem to indicate that I’m missing much in terms of legendaries?

I got the one class mod for Moze and did get a prompt critical with an Amara specific anoint, everything else was base game world drops. I don’t seem to have experienced that on any of the other DLC’s . I might not get the “best” drops, but they were usually DLC specific world drops.

Speaking of which, DLC1 had Seein Dead, Lucky 7, and the two quest legendaries , DLC2 had the Old God, Frozen Heart, Anarchy, Soulbringer, DLC3 had contained blast, flipper, light show, root and gargoyle.

These are just the ones I find that work best on Zane, I know other things work good for other characters (but this is the Zane forum). Is there anything worth playing DLC4 again to get? The Evil Lilith boss was just a waste of time, and the end boss is pretty much the same. The train takes probably as long but was at least fun.

Am I missing anything or were the bosses annoying, the drop rates horrible and the legendaries not up to par with the other 3?

well all dlc4 items are good for zane sawhorse is great splash ar and very fun on zane ahseenbeast is one of the better smgs in the game even tho compared to ar’s it still sux. and covnergence is just a godly shotgun as to class mod it is fairly decent and even very good with some weapons and some fights. as to drop rates bosses drop less yeah but they drop their dedicated drops pretty well.

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That’s from Aurelia in base game, no?

I’m not a dedicated Zane player, so not sure how good Hustler COM is or whether Lovable Rogue is good for him - read it somewhere, and name kind of fits :slight_smile: ).

I did(still do) have fun with Peregrine COM for Fl4k, Muse for Amara, and Faulty Start/Ultra Plus shields are interesting too.

Did not notice too bad drops either, perhaps I was lucky.

Edit: bosses were VERY tanky.

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I’ve used it and do enjoy it but I think Thiccfila rated it “C-tier” on his class mod tier list video and that’s probably about where it belongs. It’s not awful but really nothing worth advertising. Though I think it has some crazy abuse potential with the Complex Root or something like that I’ve seen players talk about.

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DLC 4 legendaries are pretty bad or just outperformed by others. E.g., the septimator prime sniper is ok, but the bogeyman from arm’s race is far better. I did recently get the rebound AR(which unfortunately only drops from psychoreaver and for me has dropped once in thirty tries)–it was non elemental but had 100% sntl cryo–so with sntl up it was fairly fun to use. I also used it on moze and although the anointment was worthless, her splash damage ability made it quite powerful.

I’ve heard the convergence shotgun is good, but on zane I thought it sucked–for him I just use the face puncher after my clone has inflicted a ton of damage and take advantage of the guardian rank melee damage perk.

people also like the prompt critical/loveable rogue, but I haven’t used them despite having a bunch in my bank.

farming in this dlc is just too painful to make it worth it. they’re not hard in terms them inflicting damage on you, but b/c they’re so tanky it just takes forever to kill them–not worth it given the lack of reward and the fact you can get better items from other dlc content.

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The critical and the loveable rogue are very good I use them Like a lot! It is true, they’re not easy to acquire expecially a good elemental anointed prompt critical. I have a x2 LRogue with ch hits and it shreds on moze

Most of the DLC4 weapons are actually quite solid. Yes, the droprates are abysmal and Zane probably has the 2nd worse COM of the bunch but still I wouldn’t say most of the legendaries are bad. Except the Blind Sage. That thing is horrible.

Yep the blind sage is kinda of a cool concept but on practice it doesnt work really well, maybe we didn’t figured out some skill interaction. As you say drop rates are somewhat low expecially compared to dlc 3 average 33% for a assigned drop and a lot of world drops out of the DLC pool. Anywoo, I might suggest you to farm the two constructors in Benediction of Pain as they seem to have high chance for dlc 4 items