Dlc 4 krieg's mind all bosses

All the bosses in DLC 4 have too much health in mayhem 10 l want the health lowered
on all of the bosses in DLC 4. Because they kill me too fast even if l have the destroyer of world’s build for my character in mayhem 10. But every other boss in other DLCS and normal Borderlands 3 I can still can kill easily in mayhem 10. With the destroyer of worlds build from ki11er six https://youtu.be/R_WiuHRXiTM .

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Keep grinding and looking for new gear bud. Some of the bosses are a pain if your not equipped for them, but they are not to bad once you know how To defeat them. A few meta weapons and you will take them out with little problems. The spongebob Easter egg guy is pretty tanky though for sure!

I would have to disagree.

It really depends on your build. My mediocre ones have trouble killing the bosses or takes a while before I can kill them.

But my really good ones can melt all the bosses very quick.

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Please tell me what amara builds you have is to kill the Paycho Reaver final boss because I can’t even get into half let alone when he goes super huge?

Show off

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I did this 10 days ago

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Nice :slight_smile: