DLC 4 level design issues...player clipping

Seriously was this DLC rushed? I have played and finish this new add-on and replayed sections of it to finish 100% achievements. But really, who the hell was on the level build team? Did they even play test it thoroughly? You can’t walk/run through any area of this thing without getting stuck on something. I use to do end user created levels for Quake 1,2,3 and they had a brush called player clip that was used to smooth out levels. To prevent players from getting stuck or going out of bounds. As a player of BL3 and this DLC it feels like this got overlooked before release. Movement through a level shouldn’t feel like you are constantly getting stuck on a freaking pebble in your path. And then when the golden statue is moved, player clipping is still there and doesn’t allow you to walk through the location. Come on. This is poor and amateurish level design. Someone needs to go back in and fix this issue.

My other issue…with how much players wanted this DLC…its short…should have been 3 times the length.