Dlc 4 new weapons not dropping?

Dlc 3 was awesome… I was swimming in new weapons. Dlc 4… getting Woodblockers and ASMDs constantly.

This sucks.


I think there is something wrong with the drop rate for this new DLC bosses on M10.
I’m not trying to complain but i am trying to point out a problem.

Not like this issue haven’t surfaced before…

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Yeah, I did notice that. I’ve seen three new legendaries, besides cosmetics, and all of then came from randoms, who also seem to drop world drops consistently. Got pretty annoying seeing all these legs drop only to find that its yet another useless Recursion.

I’ve seen content creators on YT pointing out that the DLC4 weapons can happen as world drops, but from my experience after a day and a half of roaming around the DLC4 maps, the drop rates are either abysmal or non-existent for both mobs and bosses. Constantly getting vanilla legendaries from badasses and red chests is just a slap in the face.

I can’t recall an issue like this during launch of the first 3 DLCs.

It was a problem with dlc1, but I think that some of the patches out issues have come back with the latest dlc.

they probably purposely tuned down the drop rate … because, this is the last DLC LOL… they are trying to retain stretch this as long as possible hoping you keep farming and farming and farming …

but sadly, that psychology doesn’t work… when people farm too much and still can’t get what they want, they stop.

seriously i can farm a DLC 4 boss 5 times for example, 3 of them would be 0 legendary. and often 1 legendary (cosmetic) too
yes 5 times means nothing in terms of sample size. But i sure as hell know the previous DLCs or even vanilla bosses did not have such piss poor drop rate ESPECIALLY ON M10 when drop rate is +2500%

Haven’t came across the loot issues in DLC1 when it came out but fair enough, its just that DLC4’s loot issue feels much more apparent to me.

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I’ve only killed the first 3 bosses and 2 dropped 1 legendary for me. Sage, Convergence.

I like them both. Nice weapons

3 actually, I had got a new shield to drop as well, but I haven’t used it.

I am playing DLC 4 on Mayhem level 8. I am 1/2 - 2/3 complete with the DLC.

I have not seen a single DLC 4 specific legendary drop yet.

The majority of the legendries I have gotten are artifacts, a couple of class mods, a bunch of Krakatoa’s, ASMD, and Baby Makers.

This is ridiculous

I got 3 of them. A gun, a Sniper, and a rifle. I got the rifle 2 times. I didn’t kill any boss multiple times.

My first run with Zane got me 1 new shield by the halfway point. Second run with Moze and the new stuff was showing FAR more frequently.

It was hit and miss. I did not see a single DLC item, but when I beat the Evil Brick/Mordecai seven DLC Legendaries dropped at once.
Then it dried up again and was very sporadic.

Did not see a single COM until a sidequest I did after beating the DLC. My FL4K got one Amara and one Zane COM.

Have not seen a single cosmetic item except for the weapon trinket awards for finishing certain missions.

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I was getting plenty playing on the first night of the DLC. Haven’t been getting as much since then, which is odd. Lots of hornets lol

Yeah I got the shotgun and the bad torgue assault rifle. Other than that haven’t seen any and I’m at the final boss.
The Blood starved beast is good for zane I hear though, so Imma farm for one of them and a beacon from DLC 3. And a better light show.
Then weapon 4 for Zane could be… Breath of the dying? Not sure. Maybe a hellwalker.

Hellwalker is the doom shotgun right? I used it on my Zane throughout the DLC and it performed great :wink:

DLC4 gear seems to have bad drop rates in my opinion, made even worse by how spongy the bosses are.

My main issue is the plus ultra not having a dedicated boss to drop from. I’m looking for a very specific combination with a certain anointment, and it is frustrating to have nowhere to go in order to work towards that goal aside from, spend time in the DLC zones killing enemies and bosses randomly until you get it. I thought gearbox was fixing this issue in the base game and previous DLC’s. Why do the same exact thing in the new DLC after admitting it was an issue?

I spent way too long farming for a blood starved beast, was the last thing I required, when 1 finally dropped I cared little about anointment or element I was just done farming. Worst point was 3 runs in a row without any legendary drop I thought I’d never see one again.