DLC 4 not appearing in the store

So, i have both Season Pass purchased and game updated to 1.16 version, but if i go to dlc section of BL3 in the PS store i see no DLC 4.
If i go to Sanctuary and click “purchase content” on the bomb-looking thingy in Tannis laboratory, the game brings me in the PS store page where i see all the additional content for BL3, except for dlc4, what am i missing?

Same issue here with every DLC. Gearbox, get your stuff working.

Same problem, grrr…

Update, well that was weird, exited the game, then searched for BL3 add-ons and it came up and downloading now…

If you go in to the store proper and search for Borderlands 3 and select the add ons you can download it there