DLC 4 Thoughts? No Spoilers

I was somewhat underwhelmed by DLC 4 as a whole. Now by no means am I saying it’s bad, it’s actually quite enjoyable. But for a final story DLC you would expect something big. Albeit I haven’t done the side missions yet or collected all the new loot, but when looking at the story there was nothing that made me jump out of my seat. No big plot twist, nothing groundbreaking added to the lore, no new endgame features, just a bunch of long winded mandatory mobbing sections and collecting different objects for Krieg along the way. On the bright side Krieg’s dialogue was awesome, the environments were unique, the final boss was pretty cool and the final cutscene was pretty deep for a Borderlands game. Overall, not my favourite DLC, also not my least favourite. Personally I’d put DLC 4 in the good but not great category but hopefully sometime down the line they release one more story DLC like TTAODK2 and they are able to make it truly great. I tried not to include any spoilers here but how is everyone else feeling after completing the DLC?


i still need to download update for level increase, but think i will power level all my vh to 65 then do dl4 after hopefully story is okayish on it as killing mobs is fun and all but i also like puzzle from time to time etc as killing over and over can get tiresome eventually

Halfway through at the moment and it’s … ok.

Bit like someone superglued half of claptastic voyage to dragon keep I guess.

Locations are good
A couple new enemies but not enough variety mostly reskinned vanilla game mobs
Haven’t found any new gameplay mechanics
Not as ‘crazy’ and innovative as I was expecting/hoping

Opinion may change when I finish. Probably going in as second best after jackpot as it is.

Edit - oh and it seems really easy to me? Lvl 65 using 60 guns and gear on M10 and feels easier than the other dlcs.

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Still trying to play it without crashing, so yeah … Not far in yet

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Only problems I had were the music volume seemed weirdly low until credits, and enemies and bosses having a really obnoxious amount of health. Currently, I am missing two quests or crew challenges in Benedict’s area that I can’t seem to locate.

Main disappointment I guess is the DLCs since after Handsome Jackpot aren’t as strongly weighted against world drops still in favor of the DLC unique stuff, and there were hardly any unique new enemies or more involved quests.


I just beat it and I’m disappointed as well it feels like nothing of importance ever happens. Hell you never even meet the real krieg and the story bits with Maya feel rushed also a lot of the side quest consists of talk to kreig wait for him to tell his story and bam side quest done. I’d probably give it a 6.5\10


played it through with friends in like 4 hours and it was “meh”
there was alot of missing potential with Krieg and Maya
to me it felt like some simple sidequests
“go there-kill all-take that-bring it here-repeat”


Just finished and I’m pretty disappointed… I did a few side quests and it’s a joke to even call them that when you do little to nothing.


I feel like GBX played this far too safe. Certain things were done well, but the expectation vs the result is hard to miss. It feels like they committed to a none choice and it makes the DLC feel underwhelming.

IMHO I don’t have high expectations for the future.


Playing throug, the DLC just with Dialogue is amazing. I’m guessing people are disappointing at the ending. However I’m sold a the first Krieg side quest.

I’m still so confused about Kriegs mind being in the middle of space??? Am I just too stupid??? Did I miss something or…?


This is probably the weakest DLC in terms of the overall amount of content added, but still one of the better additions story-wise. I’d rank it stronger than DLC 3’s story and just on about on par with DLC 2, DLC 1 was by and far the strongest actual narrative piece. And all of them leagues beyond the base game’s story, though that isn’t saying much.

There was so much potential left to explore that wound up wasted, and if this does end up being the last story DLC they make, it’s going to leave the whole game in just a general haze of ‘meh’.


This dlc you basically play through the main story and that’s it…

lamest side quests
by far the most bullet spongy bosses outside of takedowns
and the worst of all, most of the new legendary weapons (think I played with all but 1 or 2 of them) are meh… while I wasn’t quite expecting another complex root, none of the new weapons I tried even came close to the dps of facepuncher + white elephant and that’s just tragic

overall felt like a very lazy dlc


I can’t comment on the actual DLC4 content because I haven’t played BL3 for a good while. What I can say about the DLC4 content is that it’s the first DLC that I’m just not sure I even care enough about to want to play as it releases.

I have been so burned out on BL3 with all the incremental level increases (always after DLC farming or loot events), drastic mayhem changes, drastic nerfs and buffs, bugs, loot problems, classes being utterly broken (looking at you Moze) etc…that I’m just not even sure how much I want to go through more of it.

They say this level raise is the last one for a “long while” but how long is that? Still thinking I may just keep waiting until all content and level increases happen unless I get really, really bored. So while I can’t comment on the actual content I can say the content excitement level for me is an uninspired…meh.


I was fairly disappointed with it. The story is just a lesser Claptastic Voyage, and all depth to characters barely goes beyond a perfunctory level. Nothing innovative beyond some of the boss fights. But even then the boss fights, some of which are my favorite across the game’s content, are severely hampered by insane amounts of health that turns them into battles of attrition.

Probably my least favorite of the four, which is a shame because there was a lot of potential in Krieg. It lacked the all-around quality of DLC 1, the atmosphere and side quests of DLC 2, and the loot quality and farmable bosses of the third DLC.


I felt like I was in Slaughter Shaft with all the vanilla mobs …

Sponge Bob was interesting …

The dialog is good and the bosses were fun with exception to the immunity phases.

Overall, not my favorite dlc but it wasn’t bad. I enjoyed it for the most part.

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Honestly it was better than bounty of blood, i didn’t give a flying ■■■■ about the story there as it barely had any. At least Krieg had a story.

The environment looks really new and awesome compared to flat plateau that we see everywhere in the base game for bounty.


Felt like it had the least amount of original assets of the DLCs by far. And felt rushed overall. Perhaps a combination of production issues from covid, and a dwindling playerbase (my speculation) dictating a modest scope and budget.

I mean when you look at the production values and length of DLC1, there’s no comparison. That had a whole new family of enemies (models, new animation rigging, ai behavior), expansive varied maps, a fair amount of involved side quests. It was frankly insane. DLC4 is linear, shorter, and has way more asset reuse.

If I can permit myself to speculate, DLC1 was started when Gearbox had high expectations for BL3’s sales, when they thought they could afford to be as ambitious as they were. Whilst DLC4 was made under the reality of solid but not spectacular sales figures, and a smaller than they hoped for active userbase. Plus, again, covid.

It was funny that certain enemies drop DLC1 guns. That has to be an oversight.


My guess is that they just copy/pasted loaders over from the first DLC without removing their chance to drop DLC 1 items.


A bit disappointed. Perhaps it’s the wrong expectations I had for it regarding story elements, but honestly it felt like GBX copped out of real issues that had to be addressed. And the fact we don’t actually get to meet Krieg IRL? Like, where is he? What has he been doing? How did he find out about you know what? All of that was just brushed to the side without second thought.

The side missions were… er, well they weren’t much of anything. Although humorous, most of the ones I did consisted of talking to Krieg, listen to his insane ramblings, scratch his back/bury his buzz axe, then mission was done. Now I haven’t completely all of them yet but that’s been my experience so far. Pretty lack luster in that department.

Overall I give it a 7/10. Krieg is my favorite, the environments and tones set were pitch perfect IMO, OST was enjoyable, and I did enjoy the interactions between Krieg and Maya. A bro tear was almost shed once or twice, not going to lie.