DLC 4 Thoughts? No Spoilers

I’m also wondering this, I can’t believe that I missed it because I’m one of those guys who’s searching every nook and cranny 5 times…

And the models are indeed reused, the wife is just one of the generic Pandoran woman with spiky hair and the child reuses the model from Iris (Burton’s daughter)

Could you please enlighten us or was that just a joke? @hovismetaphor55 :grin:

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lol for some reason I’ve never seen the family walk away the 2 times I finished dlc
I had to watch the video to see this great models reuse :rofl:


i enjoyed DLC4. thought it were pretty cool and the maps were alright, especially the first one.
it(and heck hole) showed me what a BnB DLC could’ve been. i’d give it a 7 (8 for DLC 1-3). some endgame focused content would’ve been nice though, a haderax if you will.

This DLC was so disappointing it made the other 3 look good. Recycled ideas, enemies, textures etc. almost zero creativity. It’s so cheaply made with so little effort that it’s shocking they they’d treat their long time fans like that. Even the hole in the door that you blow by throwing the loader at the beginning of the hyperion level is exactly the same as the one you make when cutting through the blast door to the VIP Tower in Moxxi’s DLC. The castle is a straight up copy of Minas Morgul from LOTR - how is that called an easter egg not copyright infringement, I don’t know. They brought back old bandits to cut some corners in the first place and then went further with it by reskinning some of them to act as Hyperion soldiers, cause they couldn’t be bothered - smh. Side quests are an absolute travesty in this DLC - “go slightly to the right and bring an umbrella”, “go slightly to the left and bring a harpoon”, “go around me and scratch my back a little” - so unfunny and so half-assed that it’s painful to experience. At the end you don’t even learn ANYTHING about Krieg that you didn’t know before. The intro level, bullet riders and the chess pieces quest are pretty much the only interesting and funny things in this entire DLC. By deciding to go into a psycho’s mind (which in itself is a recycled idea from Claptrap’s DLC) they gave themselves an opportunity for pretty much limitless creativity but the ■■■■ they came up with perfectly sums up Borderlands 3 - a panic induced cash grab in response to Battleborne’s complete financial failutre, quickly and cheaply cobbled together to make some money riding on the fans nostalgia towards a much better predecessor. After finishing this DLC I can’t wait to go back to the effort of tedious, no-hope, national-lottery-RNG-level farming that results of which will get destroyed as soon as a new level cap increase comes out. Shooting monkeys and dinosaurs while being told how awesome women are at every corner is how I define FUN ! 7 out of 10 ? A 5 would be generous. The recycled Nomads in this DLC come out and say “DIE MIDGET LOVER !!!” just ■■■■■■■ once and your mind instantly goes: “holy ■■■■ was Borderlands 2 better in almost every detail” ffs.


The content itself was good but my main issue is that it’s rather short. It’s not bad but if I were to give it a short summary I’d say it’s a downgraded Krieg themed version of Claptastic Voyage.




Ah I see clearly now this is from the plane of suck

Hard to read without paragraphs

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Are you a grammar school teacher, censor or both ?

Neither, I guess, just a normal forum resident who has to read a wall of text, which makes it difficult for most of us. At least you used punctuation (thank you!), there are plenty of examples here where even that is missing.

Anyway, welcome to the forums.

It’s hard to read without paragraphs .

My first thought when I saw the scene was “is that supposed to be Ava?” but it’s probably just a reused model. Hard to tell if gearbox was trying to suggest it was Ava or not, but thinking about the timeline (Krieg was in BL2, 7 years ago), I don’t think it fits.

Not sure how the community would react if she WAS his daughter - Maya sacrificed herself to save his child, she has a chance to redeem herself with him, or she seems worse because we know more of where she came from.

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felt pretty short, bosses where pretty underwelming and most of the sidequests weren’t actual quests and more “listen to krieg for a minuit and walk over there”

worst DLC out of the season pass… wasn’t bad but wasn’t realy that great either.

finished it once and now i’m allready bored with the game again… i realy don’t know what to do in this game anymore.
i replayed the intire BL2 game with DLC so many times… and in BL3 it’s just boring AF! BL2 felt bigger just on pandora! now you have many plannets and feels smaller…

i still wonder why there’s so little robots in the game and why they waited for the first DLC to finaly introduce them again… (sure, you defeated hyperion in BL2 but then why are there so many hyperion weapons and so little to no other hyperion stuff in the main game?)

realy feels like they gave up after the first 2 DLC’s


I really enjoyed the chess quest, which was wacky and witty and delightfully ludicrous. It had a spark of imagination that the rest of the DLC mostly lacks.

Part of the problem is with the central character. I don’t know how Krieg can be such a fan favourite, because he’s about as one-dimensional as characters can get.

Basically every line of dialogue in the whole thing follows the same simple structure: crazy Krieg has a comically inappropriate outburst about meat bicycles or whatever, and sane Krieg sighs, rolls his eyes and, when necessary, translates it into normal English for us. Rinse and repeat.

I enjoy how imaginative and clever some of crazy Krieg’s twisted metaphors are, but ultimately it’s the same gag, over and over. As for sane Krieg, his role is strictly that of the straight man, the supporting act to crazy Krieg. And he’s really straight. Boring as a plank of wood.

So the source material is very thin, though I’m sure the writers and world designers could have tried harder to make things wackier and more interesting. As it stands, some the biggest laughs I had during the DLC was at the completion of some of the side quests, because I found it hilarious how stupidly short they were. I’m not even kidding.

Still, I’m enjoying the DLC enough, partly because I read this thread beforehand so had low expectations.

The whole thing reinforces my belief that the best way to play games is how I usually do it: a year or two after launch, once bugs are fixed and DLCs are out.

Taken as one part of a whole, this DLC would be just fine - some quirky side quests that added to the variety of the main game. Taken as its own entity, with its own hype and its own release date, it can only disappoint.

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That was a weird one for sure. I stood in one place the entire fight and only encountered enemies a few times, the rest of the time I just shot underneath, and you’re right, 20-30 mins of the most boring non-action I’ve ever encountered.

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This DLC is terrible. Just my thoughts.

  1. Like the vanilla game, DLC 4 writing/story suxx.
  2. SHORT AF!
  3. Some of the most annoying, boring gameplay yet.
  4. Poorly designed and produced, all around.
  5. SHORT AF!
  6. Overly cutting and pasting of content.

DLC 1 started off really good, imo, and from there the DLC’s dropped off in quality. The “AAA” game industry is falling apart, like everything else, and it shows in so many ways. Good luck in the future GearBox, you’re gonna need it.


i actualy hoped they would revisit some of the BL2 areas… but like you said, they just copy pasted BL3 crap… it felt like BL2 never even happend (i get this feeling throughout the whole game actualy…)


Not really a fan of this one. I enjoyed all the others, but this one had too many bullet sponge enemies. Too many pit traps to fall down.
The encounter design was the worst they’ve done including the scholar from the LG&T DLC.

I’ll play it through with other characters for the dialogue I guess. Won’t be revisiting it much.
I don’t understand why it couldn’t have been delayed. This one was definitely affected by Covid much more than BoB and LG&T.

I’m someone who really enjoyed the BoB DLC as well.


Bring back the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned! Give us another DLC on being Badass, with Mr. Torgue narrating! Where is the next Bunkers and Badasses?

DLC4 feels like I turned down a hidden path in DLC3.